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For a complete budget-friendly customized experience, the team at Flowers for Dreams believe each wedding should be treated uniquely. With their designers ready to experiment with creative and inspiring new pieces for every bride, your wedding flowers will be nothing but a dream. Their elaborate, lush, and customized elements bring a fresh approach to floral designing. The company travels across the Midwest to source beautiful, sustainable, and seasonal blooms from various local growers and regional wholesalers.

Vendor Profile - Steven Dyme

Steven Dyme


No way! We don't always offer in person services to budgets less than 3,000 - but we would love to help your day be special regardless of the price. We urge you to visit our website and fill out our wedding inquiry page for a rough estimate of what you're looking for!
Definitely not - we love to be personable and want to give brides the access to reach out and we are happy to provide a consultation by phone if you call 312.620.1410. Again - any consultation is free for a wedding of 3,000 or above. (:
There are! Unfortunately our team is small and can't cover all distances we might like to. Pick-up of wedding flowers is ALWAYS an option, but if you're not sure of delivery please check out our where we deliver page -
We're totally okay if things on your list are still TBD - we can make changes up to 30 days before your wedding day and have no problem scaling up or down as needed.
That's what we're here for! Each consultation is special and personalized, we love to receive floral inspiration photos, moodboards, what have you! We're specially trained and can help you on your flower journey, with color palettes and seasonal availability.



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