Fern & Fountain Wedding Photography and Video

Price Range $4100 - $8000


We are Zach and Emily! We own Fern & Fountain, a traveling handcrafted photography and film company focused on joy-sparking imagery. We’re passionate about marriage and your whole life together and we know the photos and film we give to you will bring you back to day one in sickness and health, for richer and for poorer, ’til death do you part.

We work tirelessly to make you feel comfortable in front of the lens. You’ll actually enjoy the photography and videography experience as a fun highlight of your wedding day, instead of having to ask “so… what do you want us to do..?” while you wait for us to wrap it up so you can party! We party with you, we document your wedding with photojournalistic storytelling photos & video, we help you relax so your personality shines through the gallery. We see the timeless little in-between candid moments that express your love story and your life.

Vendor Profile - Emily Wilkerson

Emily Wilkerson


Yes! We offer in-studio photo sessions, on-location photo sessions, and "adventure" photo sessions which typically happen anywhere from Hawaii to Philadelphia- it all depends on where you want your engagement photos taken!
Photography and videography are very different skills, and so all our team members specialize in only one or the other. Emily will always head up the photography, and Zach will always head up the videography. We each have highly trained assistants who work with us at your wedding day, and each of these assistants specialize in their craft of either photography or videography as well.
We are currently located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. About 30% of our weddings are out of state or outside the country and require us to fly out to our clients. Sometimes there is a small travel fee, but as our business is built to be international, that isn't always the case.
We use both, all the time! Natural light is the most natural and lovely light, and so when we use artificial light, we make sure that we model it after natural light so your images are flattering and natural.
Our editing style is very natural and true-to-color. We don't want to set you up with photos in a style that looks dated in a few years. We honor your skin tones and keep our editing honest, so the people and places that are part of your wedding day look stunningly beautiful, but never fake or over-done.


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