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I’ve been working as a qualified Wedding Planner since 2004, forming a network with some of the best event vendors. I’m here to help make your dream event a reality. Contact me to schedule a free consultation and see what we can create together.

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Absolutely! At the very least all brides should hire day of assistance so that they can just enjoy the day and not worry about the details.
This is very much a personal decision between the couple. It does create a special moment and can help in the photography timeline as you have more time to do bridal party photos.
My advice is to put that money into the reception instead. I pick up lots of favors left behind so instead the money could be used for a dessert bar or entertainment that guests will enjoy while they are there.
If your venue is a distance from the hotel and you will be serving alcohol, it is a good idea to offer it for guests.
Typically no. You need to get the details on what they support but generally it’s limited.


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