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I am a Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographer providing an Intimate Experience for classy couples who want their marriage and images to stand the test of time, transforming their love story into a timeless heirloom.

I’m Emily

Tears Rolled down Thomas’ smiling Face…

…as Elizabeth, his elegant bride and soulmate, walked towards him. As they saw each other for this first time on their wedding day, they met each other with a warm embrace as the Alabama sunshine reflected off their tears.

I was holding back my own tears and smiling so big behind my camera. This breathtaking moment was one that made me feel so much passion for the job that I have.

It all started as a “happy little accident,” as Bob Ross would say, when my husband bought me my very first camera. That seemingly random gift turned out to be one of the greatest blessings.

Fast forward and now I have a team, and get to spend my weekends capturing the timeless essence of a wedding day, for couples who truly value their marriage and images, and want to appreciate them for decades to come.

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Emily McIntyre


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