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It’s Your Wedding and I’m Your Guide

I know you are the kind of couple who wants a nontraditional wedding party. In order for it to be that way, you need a DJ who does two things: plays only music that you want and makes minimal announcements. The problem is, a lot of wedding DJs still play cliché wedding songs you don’t want and use a sportscaster’s voice on the mic. That could embarrass you.​

I believe it’s just wrong when couples pay a DJ so much and then get the same rehashed performance everyone else gets. I understand you want a unique party. That’s why I listen closely to you and make sure your reception reflects you.​

Here’s how it works: Step one, we come up with a plan for your wedding party. Step two, you fill out a short music questionnaire. And step three, we carry out our plan at your wedding and you have the best party of your life.

So, schedule a call, so you can stop the other DJs from embarrassing you and start planning a party you and your guests will never forget.

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