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You deserve to stay focused on what really matters.

Hey, I’m Brad!

The best part of your wedding is having all your favorite people under one roof.

I’ll be with you to record the honest truth of it, help you feel like yourself, and stay present in the chaos.

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Brad Resnick


The formal definition of documentary photography is, ” A style of photographs that presents straightforward records of events, people, and places.” I think it’s important to be as unobtrusive as possible on your wedding day. You want a truthful storytelling of your day. My goal is not to create, but to document it. I don’t quite consider my style true photojournalism, because there are times where I will need to direct, but I want to be as hands off as possible!
Absolutely! Send me a message and I’d be happy to send you some complete wedding galleries.
150%! I’m a little nuts when it comes to backup, but it’s well-reasoned! After each wedding, I upload the images to my laptop, a multi-drive backup server, online, and a hard drive that goes into a fire safe. Yes, your wedding is that important to me!
Here’s where my theater experience comes into play. This is right in my wheelhouse. When you book me, I will give you an idea of what my typical timeline looks like. We will talk through all the details of your day, where to put the bulk of your coverage. Do you want me there til the very last song or would you prefer me to be at the salon while you’re getting hair and makeup done? (Or do you want me at both?) This will help when you’re talking to the makeup artist about when he/she should start or what time the flowers should arrive. About 6 months prior to your wedding, I send out a detailed questionnaire to help fill in many of those gaps, names of important people, who is in the family portraits, etc. Around the 3 month mark, we’ll meet to go over all those details and finalize the timeline. We’ll leave that meeting with a rough, but close to a final timeline that you can send out to whomever you feel needs it. (We will meet/chat plenty of times before then though!)
Every wedding is different, and it depends on many factors including how many hours of coverage that you book, the size of your wedding and the locations of the ceremony and reception. In general, you can expect 700-900 final images.


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