Arizona Nordic Village


Why Should You Pick Arizona Nordic Village For Your Event?

The Arizona Nordic Village is an off-grid getaway. The Village is quiet and serene, surrounded by tall ponderosa pine and aspen trees. Our goal is to have as little impact as possible on the environment while also providing a comfortable and safe setting for campers and guests.

In the summer months of July through August you’ll find that the grass is green and the flowers are plenty. In the winter you’ll no doubt see a lot of snow. The monsoons bring quick summer rains, and the sun brings warmth and smiles to all. Whether a butterfly in the summer or a wild turkey in the winter, you’ll be surrounded by friendly wildlife everywhere you go.


For your ceremony, you have a choice between our two beautiful arches: the Meadow Arch or the Aspen Arch. We’ll provide chairs for up to 100 people. If you’re planning to have a larger wedding and need more than 100 chairs, there is an additional fee of $5/chair after the first 100.

Electricity during the ceremony area is not included, but a power generator is available for an additional fee.

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