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Welcome! I’m Ara, and I’m so glad you’re here.

Clad sometimes in muddy boots, sometimes in a pair of heels, my career as a wedding photographer often requires both sets of footwear as I follow my clients on their romantic adventures all over the world. Catamarans, towering ballrooms, glacial lakes, rooftops, mountains, bed and breakfasts, mossy forests and craggy coastlines all enchant me. My spirit is undaunted, and I am forever inspired by relationships, nature, wind and light.

As an award-winner in both wedding and landscape photography, I use a combination of photojournalism, artistic portraiture, and landscape techniques to tell stories heavy on emotion and atmosphere. My goal is to create a vibrant time machine so you can revisit some the best adventures of your life time and time again.

Wallflower as your event is unfolding, loud enough when people need wrangling for portraits, knowledgeable when a gown needs bustling or a boutonniere needs pinning, helpful when toes need pointing and knees need bending and smiles need refreshing, I’m fiercely invested in your memories and experience. I choose my clients as carefully as they choose me.

Photographing weddings constantly reminds me that love is alive, strong, deep, unexpected, and worth fighting for. My couples are very dear to me, and I often follow them on more adventures through their lives. 2020 marks twelve years for me as a wedding photographer, and my husband and I still have sushi dates with my very first wedding couple from 2008.

I live in Portland with my husband, Nathan, who makes me really happy every day. I love hiking, rock climbing, reading, dinner parties, drinking citrusy IPAs, puttering around the garden, playing at the arcade, planning our next big trip, and our dog, Ukee. I’m a shameless waterfallaholic. I like Star Wars a little too much.

Ready for an adventure? Let’s go!

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