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Affairs Remembered is a full service wedding & event services firm serving the MD, DC and Northern VA areas. Our talented event production team will work directly with you to develop all of your event details, personally orchestrating the fabrication and set-up of your event, to coordinating each intricate detail.

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This is a difficult question to answer in a brief telephone or email exchange. We work with budgets that vary in size and while we are known for producing "bling on a budget", we are always up-front and honest with our clients about the reality of having an event on a small budget. We also provide tips on how to have an affair to remember on your actual budget but remember, if your wedding design ideas are not average then you can not expect your budget to be average.
The important question is, "Can you afford NOT to have a professional?! We understand that with today's economy, many couples are working with smaller budgets. I HIGHLY recommend a "Day-of/Management" mini package, if your budget does not allow a full or partial planning package.
"Price is what you pay and Value is what you get!" Many times we are tempted by the lowest price in purchasing decisions. Do we take the lowest price and accept the lowest value? The price of the services in which you are investing, is only one component of the job. Are you willing to accept lower quality, can you rest easily that the product or services will be to your satisfaction? I always make potential client's aware, that you usually get what you pay for, and don't get what you don't pay for...While, you don't have to spend a fortune to yield excellent service and amazing results, do not base your selection of a vendor because their prices are "cheap". You only get ONE shot at pulling this off and there are NO "do overs". The level of experience that professionals in this industry offer varies greatly and you don't want to look back with regret because your vendor lacked in the area of skill.
For prospective clients who are actively considering hiring a professional to plan, manage and or design their event and wish to thoroughly discuss their plans, initial consultations are offered at three levels: Voice, Visual/Virtual and In-Person Consultations. Your consultation is designed to be the first "blueprinting" step towards the creation of an amazing celebration and during the consultation, you will have the opportunity to share the vision that you have for your event and the elements that are important to you such as: venue(s), color schemes/themes, style, guest expectancy, menu, budget and visionary expectations. In turn, we offer realistic, honest advice based on our years of knowledge and expertise.
Will your florist-coordinator be able to deal with last minute changes to your guest list, vendor cancellations or other last-minute changes that frequently happen the week of the wedding when they need to be at the floral warehouse, processing flowers and creating your floral designs? Will your off-premise caterer, facility coordinator, florist or DJ "coordinator" know that your (hair/makeup stylist, photographer, or limo) hasn’t arrived at your destination on time? And if you, as the client, are the one to let them know, what would they do, considering that they have their "own" job to do? How will your "DJ-planner" or "florist-planner" handle overseeing other vendors’ load-in and set-up when they have their own set-up to perform? What happens when all of your vendors arrive at the curb at the same time to unload and there is only parking for two cars? Having an assistant is not the answer. Bringing in a professional wedding coordinator is the answer.


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