10 Questions with Trevor Clark-Zamoider

Forever Love Weddings - By Trevor Clark-Zamoider

Officiant - Trevor Clark-Zamoider

10 Questions with Trevor Clark-Zamoider

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hello, My name is Trevor Clark-Zamoider. I am an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church since 2019 and an Officiant. I have performed well over 300 services in that time to include Weddings, Baptisms, Vow Renewals, Commitment Ceremonies and Funerals. I'm based out of Providence, RI & Putnam, CT but serve the Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts area.

2. What's your experience as a wedding officiant? How many weddings have your officiated?

4 Years and well over 300 services.

3. How far in advance do couples need to secure your services?

1 Day or 24 Hours and I can make it work. I have done on the spot weddings in just a few hours if needed.

4. How would you describe your officiant style?

I can be very serious or funny. My style depends on how the service is setup and how the couple wants their service. It's their day, they decide.

5. What are your fees for officiating a wedding?

At the current time of writing this the base price is $150.00. I do charge a $50.00 non refundable security that comes off the total. If I attend the rehearsal at the couples request there is an additional fee of $50.00. I will do weddings or services cheaper if the venue is close or there is a need. For example a couple needs the marriage for insurance reasons and they are having trouble paying bills. Things like that. You have to have a heart in this business' or you will never make it. Each situation is diffrent.

6. What do you wear when you officiate a wedding?

That is the couples choice. I will wear a full suit and jacket or a dress tie and shirt. As a Minister I will wear a black shirt with a collar.

7. How many pre-wedding sessions will the couple need to have with you?

Completely up to the couple. I prefer and like to at least talk once, which is why I offer free consultations for every service.

8. Will you be able to create a personalized ceremony?

I love hearing the story of a couple and love to put that kind of information in a script.

9. Are you available to travel if needed?

Not outside of RI, CT or MA.

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

If I cancel I refund everything or offer another day. Whatever works for the couple. If the client cancels there is no refund due to a signed contract and the loss of work that day. I will try to accommodate change of dates and times if I can with in reason.



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