Lighthouse Bridal is one of the most sought after bridal salons in all of Fort Lauderdale, with its sophisticated collection of dresses serving as a draw for brides-to-be in and around the local area. Lighthouse Bridal offers appointments scheduled in advance of a visit, and this boutique salon is only open by appointment. This means that all visits should be coordinated, and it is recommended by the shop that a visit be coordinated at least eight months in advance of an upcoming wedding date. Brides-to-be are welcome to bring family members and close friends for an appointment, during which sample gowns can be tried on in sizes 8-12, though custom gowns can be ordered in sizes up to 24, or beyond in some cases. 

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 1958 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Phone: 954-903-3644

Facebook: Lighthouse Bridal

Instagram: Lighthouse Bridal

Contact : Megan

Check out Lauderdale Bride for a Fort Lauderdale-based bridal salon of ultimate elegance. Lauderdale Bride offers salon services in addition to the wedding dresses in stock, making this an incredible one-stop shop for all kinds of bridal beauty needs, from hair and makeup styling to spa services such as manicures and pedicures. Bridal designer gowns in stock include Calla Blanche, Madi Lane, Chic Nostalgia, La Perle, L’amour, and Blue by Enzoani. With this wide variety of designer gowns as well as a charming in-shop experience scheduled through an appointment, Lauderdale Bride is a gorgeous shop that must be seen to be truly experienced.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 4130 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Phone: 954-565-0112

Facebook: Lauderdale Bride

Instagram: Lauderdale Bride

Contact : Lauderdale Bride Team

White House Atelier is one of the most luxurious bridal salons in and around Fort Lauderdale, a fantastic choice of shop for a local bride-to-be ready to try on some wedding gowns and get ready to make the big purchase. White House Atelier stocks accessories in addition to evening gowns, evening couture, bridal couture, and designer bridal offerings. With its variety of available clothes, White House Atelier has been the recipient of a variety of awards and honors from wedding-centric publications and media outlets due to its sophisticated and subtle services pairing local brides with their favorite wedding gowns.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 5130 N Federal Hwy Suite 2, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Phone: 954-699-9646

Facebook: White House Atelier

Instagram: White House Atelier

Contact : Maya Yovanovski

With its beautiful storefront and the elegance of the gowns kept within it, Zola Keller is a can’t-go-wrong choice of Fort Lauderdale-based bridal boutique. Appointments should be scheduled in advance of a visit to Zola Keller, and brides are not the only people who can schedule them; appointments can be selected for the mother of the bride or for a guest. This means that Zola Keller is an ideal place for a bride to shop for a gown with the rest of her party, whether it’s the gown, the accessories, or the couture that most interests the bride-to-be.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 818 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Phone: 954-462-3222

Facebook: Zola Keller

Instagram: Zola Keller

Contact : Zola Keller Team

A&D Family Fashion Bridal is a luxurious bridal salon located in Fort Lauderdale, with appointments available in advance of a visit ensuring that brides will receive the services of a devoted staff member on site. A&D Family Fashion Bridal offers services that go far beyond what one might expect of a bridal salon; these services include event planning, cosmetic instruction, decoration advice, and makeup application counseling. The goal behind these services is to provide brides-to-be with everything they might need on their wedding day, gowns included but not exclusively so.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 1026 NW 10th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Phone: 954-533-4535

Facebook: A&D Family Fashion Bridal

Contact : A&D Family Fashion Bridal Team

Look no further than Novias Bridal for a lovely local bridal salon in Fort Lauderdale with a wonderful selection that will amaze and impress any bride-to-be planning her upcoming wedding celebration. Novias Bridal offers appointments to check out the designer collections and off the rack options kept in the store; designer collections available for purchase include Pronovias, Morilee, St. Patrick, Enzoani, and other such fabulous offerings. Novias Bridal also offers destination wedding options, bridesmaid and mother-of-the-bride dresses, flower girl dresses, and other special occasion items.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 100 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

Phone: 954-561-0262

Facebook: Novias Bridal

Instagram: Novias Bridal

Contact : Novias Bridal Team

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Now that you’ve looked through our list of the top six bridal boutiques to be found across Fort Lauderdale, Florida and beyond, we hope that you feel prepared to march forward with your wedding planning process, taking the next step no matter what that step might be. Whether it’s securing your bridal gown from your favorite bridal salon on this list or it’s simply developing the criteria of what you’re looking for in advance of a consultation at one of these bridal shops, we are sure that with this list as a trusted resource, you’ll have no issues tracking down your ideal gown. With all that said, we wish you tons of luck with your ongoing wedding planning process!

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