Allure Bridal Boutique is one of the loveliest wedding dress shops to be found across Gainesville and beyond, with its roster of incredible dresses attracting brides-to-be in and around the local area. Allure Bridal Boutique sells everything ranging from wedding gowns to tuxedos to bridesmaid dresses. This bridal shop also offers appointments that can be boosted with a “VIP” experience or a “Diamond Bridal” experience, both of which making a meaningful occasion out of the wedding dress shopping experience, during which a bride will be made to feel her most beautiful and receive the services of a devoted wedding expert on the staff at Allure Bridal Boutique.

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Address: 6450 SW Archer Rd # 230, Gainesville, FL 32608

Phone: 352-224-5669

Facebook: Allure Bridal Boutique

Instagram: Allure Bridal Boutique

Contact : Chelsee

Look no further than The Wedding Cycle for a bridal salon that carries wedding gowns that will amaze and impress any bride-to-be who walks into the storefront. The Wedding Cycle is open by appointment only, meaning that brides looking for their dress should schedule a date in advance of a visit to this Gainesville-based storefront. From there, a team of wedding specialists on the staff will help the bride select a collection of gowns for sampling, and with a bridal party assisting the bride in this visit, hopefully she will walk out of the store with some more confidence in the process of selecting the ideal dress. The Wedding Cycle also offers officiating services as well as styling and staging, keeping the services versatile at this bridal salon.

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Address: 2441 NW 43rd St #2-D, Gainesville, FL 32606

Phone: 352-507-8709

Facebook: The Wedding Cycle

Instagram: The Wedding Cycle

Contact : Alisha Alsbrook

Windsor Fashions – Gainesville is a beautiful wedding dress shop with a track record of excellence across the board when it comes to pairing local brides with their perfect fits. Formalwear is available on short notice year-round, ensuring that brides who are saving the dress shopping all the way to the last minute will find lovely off-the-rack options at Windsor Fashions – Gainesville. This locally loved shop is one of many locations, and the Gainesville outlet is home to gowns of virtually all styles and shapes, a great amenity for brides who are looking for a specific kind of design. The team of wedding specialists on staff will guarantee a fun and effortless shopping experience.

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Address: 6419 W Newberry Rd K0003, Gainesville, FL 32605

Phone: 352-251-3706

Facebook: Windsor Fashions - Gainesville

Instagram: Windsor Fashions - Gainesville

Contact : Windsor Fashions Team

For a wedding dress store owned and operated by a trusted national brand, David’s Bridal – Gainesville is a must-stop shop. David’s Bridal – Gainesville doesn’t just stop at wedding dresses, as this locally and nationally loved wedding dress shop carries accessories, tuxedos, bridesmaid and formalwear, and so much more. With all of these convenient offerings carried under one roof, David’s Bridal – Gainesville is a veritable one-stop shop for a variety of wedding day needs, ensuring a smooth and easy process of wedding dress shopping for the bride at the center of the wedding planning process.

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Address: 3965 Plaza Blvd Suite 20, Gainesville, FL 32608

Phone: 352-240-3007

Facebook: David's Bridal - Gainesville

Instagram: David's Bridal - Gainesville

Contact : David's Bridal Team

Torrid – Gainesville is a wedding dress shop with many locations, and this local outpost is home to a vast collection of wedding gowns that will keep local brides-to-be in awe throughout the dress shopping process. Torrid – Gainesville carries sizes ranging from 10 to 30, ensuring that brides of a variety of sizes and shapes will make themselves at home at this bridal salon. Offerings are not limited to wedding gowns, as casual clothing items are also sold at this store, ranging from jeans to tops to accessories for brides. With all of these offerings, Torrid – Gainesville is a casual setting at which to browse dresses in almost all sizes.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 6419 W Newberry Rd Ste F0007, Gainesville, FL 32605

Phone: 352-331-9517

Facebook: Torrid - Gainesville

Instagram: Torrid - Gainesville

Contact : Torrid Team

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Now that you’ve finished reading through our list of the top five wedding dress shops to be found across Gainesville, Florida and beyond, we hope that you feel a little clearer about how you wish to proceed with your wedding planning process. Whether you’re ready to go shopping or you’re just starting to dip your toes into the water of the wedding dress shopping experience, we feel that this list will be a great resource to you as you come to a decision about where you’d like to go and what kind of dress you’d like to order for your upcoming nuptials. With all that said, we wish you tons of luck with your ongoing wedding planning process! 

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