Meet the heart behind Love Is All You Need Photography & Videography, where founder Katrina believes that for beautiful, romantic, and creative wedding photos, love is the essential ingredient. Specializing in cinematic wedding films, their award-winning videographer captures the magic of your day, ensuring moments are immortalized for generations to come. With a commitment to a fun and positive experience, Katrina personally connects with every couple to understand their dreams for the big day. Through tears of joy, vows, and lively receptions, they craft a keepsake you’ll cherish. Discover the magic of Love Is All You Need, where love truly captures the perfect frame for your unforgettable wedding day.

Address: Strongsville, OH

Phone: 216-374-8913

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Katrina Kubicina

Enter the world of JTV Photo + Video, where Jordan, a dedicated Cleveland wedding videographer and photographer, weaves visual tales capturing the essence of your special day. With a philosophy grounded in treating each wedding as his own, Jordan crafts authentic and genuine moments. As a seasoned storyteller, he melds photography and videography, ensuring your wedding is an unforgettable experience. Jordan’s personal journey, realizing the absence of a wedding video as his own regret, led to the evolution of wedding videography at JTV Photo + Video. Discover a personalized approach, where every film mirrors your unique love story, making the choice of preserving your forever moments a stress-free decision in your wedding planning journey.

Address: Cleveland, OH

Phone: 573-823-9991

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jordan Vandenberge

Discover Inman Productions, a premier photography and video company based in Cleveland, Ohio, founded by cousins James Eckman and David Murren. Named after the street where their loving and creative family blossomed, Inman Productions brings a personal touch to every shoot. Specializing in wedding photography and video, their services extend to photo booths, special events, senior photos, and more. Rooted in a professional approach and inspiring results, Inman Productions stands out for its passion, affordability, and commitment to delivering a final product that brings joy to their clients. Trust Inman Productions to capture your special moments with care and creativity, making each frame a cherished memory.

Address: Fairview Park, OH

Phone: 330-730-4266

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : James & David

Introducing Video Memories, a distinguished wedding videography company in Cleveland, Ohio, with over 15 years of expertise. Committed to capturing the essence of your special day, they specialize in crafting timeless videos that narrate your love story. Beyond weddings, they excel in corporate event videography, skillfully showcasing the atmosphere and highlights of special occasions. What sets Video Memories apart is their cinematic approach, weaving together moments into a breathtaking narrative. The team’s dedication to professionalism, creativity, and excellence ensures a unique and memorable video tailored to exceed expectations. Capture. Relive. Cherish. Video Memories, LLC. is your storyteller, transforming precious moments into lasting memories for a lifetime.

Address: Parma Heights, OH

Phone: 440-227-6527

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Vlad & Olha

In the vibrant world of wedding videography in North East Ohio, Lou stands out as the visionary force behind Loominate Productions. Warmest congratulations on your engagement, and thank you for being here. More than just a skilled videographer, Lou is a storyteller, weaving narratives that go beyond the screen. Hailing from Youngstown, Ohio, his love for people infuses every frame he captures. Whether surprising you with a coffee or hitting the stage with his band, Fifth & Aurora, Lou brings a unique blend of creativity and friendship. Choosing Loominate Productions means inviting not just a videographer but a creative companion into your wedding journey.

Address: Youngstown, OH

Phone: 330-397-6603

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Lou Rivera

In the heart of North East Ohio, Rogan Productions stands as a unique and personalized choice for capturing your special day. A departure from cookie-cutter approaches, this small yet dynamic team, led by Randy Rogan, goes the extra mile to ensure your wedding film is more than just documentation – it’s a cherished keepsake. Through phone calls, video chats, and face-to-face meetings, Randy fosters a genuine connection with couples, emphasizing trust in the emotional journey of your big day. A graduate of Point Park University with a BA in Cinema Digital Arts, Randy’s 12-year passion for preserving moments culminates in films that transcend the ordinary, offering timeless enjoyment for couples to relive again and again.

Address: Cleveland, OH

Phone: 724-674-4508

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Randy Rogan

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As you embark on the exciting adventure of wedding planning, remember that choosing the right videographer is like selecting a storyteller for your love narrative. In North East Ohio, OH, these talented professionals are ready to etch your special day into the memories of a lifetime. With an array of styles and approaches, you’ve uncovered a treasure trove of videographers committed to making your dreams a visual reality.

So, dear couples, envision your future selves, surrounded by the echoes of laughter, the warmth of shared vows, and the dance of love captured on film. It’s not merely a video; it’s a portal back to the day your journey officially began. Cherish these moments, and may your wedding day be forever etched in the heart of time, a beautiful reminder that your love story is one for the ages.

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