Colton and Mallory are the creative geniuses behind Arbor Weddings, offering unrivaled services that capture the true essence of love, joy, and genuine emotion. With an acute attention to detail and a unique artistic vision, Arbor Weddings has a remarkable ability to transform wedding moments into an immersive visual narrative, allowing every viewer to relive the magic. What truly distinguishes Arbor Weddings is their unwavering commitment to creating wedding videos that transcend mere documentation, crafting masterpieces that evoke the same heartfelt emotions, making each viewing an unforgettable experience. Ask about photo and video packages so you can get exactly what you desire from Arbor Weddings.

Address: Iowa City, IA

Phone: 319-359-7067

Facebook: Arbor Weddings

Instagram: Arbor Weddings

Contact : Colton

Since 2012, this popular wedding videographer in Iowa City has done 60 weddings per year, focusing on documenting your most precious moments of life. Diamond Label Films is the epitome of excellence in the craft of wedding videography, where every frame becomes a testament to the beauty and authenticity of love. You can receive eight to ten hours of coverage with one or two shooters. Enjoy a highlight reel with a ceremony and reception edit, a love story, drone footage, a thumb drive for digital downloads, and a teaser within 24 hours. Combine your videography package with photography from Diamond Label Films for a spectacular collection of your love. 

Address: Iowa City, IA

Phone: 815-990-6557

Instagram: Diamond Label Films

Contact : Joshua

Over the last two decades, Andy and his team of dedicated artists at VIDEO CENTER Media have dedicated themselves to offering award-winning services for once-in-a-lifetime celebrations. With over 25 years of experience, you can expect the greatest attention to detail followed by high-quality results. You can receive single-camera or multi-camera coverage, including state-of-the-art HD cameras and professional editing systems. With a keen eye for artistry, Andy assures you that your production will radiate excellence and captivate your audience, leaving a lasting impression. What truly distinguishes him is his unwavering commitment to crafting wedding videos that go beyond mere documentation; they create cinematic masterpieces that evoke the same profound emotions, ensuring each viewing is an emotionally immersive experience.

Address: Iowa City, IA

Phone: 319-351-1200

Facebook: VIDEO CENTER Media

Contact : Andy Small

Michael, Evan, Laurel, Violet, and the rest of the team have a passion for capturing fleeting moments, with years of experience and education to perfect their craft. Their innate ability to capture the very essence of love, joy, and heartfelt emotions is simply unmatched. With a meticulous eye for detail and an artistic vision that encapsulates the unique narrative of each couple, Major Visionary Productions transforms ordinary wedding moments into extraordinary visual stories that resonate on a profoundly emotional level. You can receive both video and photo options from Major Visionary Productions. Ask about 10 hours of coverage, professionally edited highlight film, raw cut footage, 4k and 8k video quality, HD audio, drone footage, licensed music, and more. 

Address: Iowa City, IA

Phone: 319-382-6155

Facebook: Major Visionary Productions

Instagram: Major Visionary Productions

Contact : Michael Garza

Rely on a family business for one of the best days of your life. Caleb and Natalie are a husband-wife duo with years of experience in planning, filming, and editing. They understand each wedding is unique and personal and create cinematic masterpieces that evoke the same emotions, ensuring that each viewing is a poignant journey back in time. Good Fortune is here to deliver the absolute best, just like you deserve. You can receive up to 11 hours of coverage, a highlight edit, an audi-synced event video with ceremony, speeches, and dances, raw footage, a USB drive, and more. Ask about drone videography and marryoke highlight edits from Good Fortune. 

Address: Iowa City, IA

Phone: 515-650-9915

Facebook: Good Fortune

Instagram: Good Fortune

Contact : Caleb & Natalie

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Hiring the best wedding videographers in Iowa City is an essential step in ensuring your wedding memories are captured in a way that truly embodies the unique beauty and emotions of this city. From the scenic landscapes to the warm, welcoming communities, Iowa City offers a wealth of inspiration. 

Whether you choose a videographer, who specializes in showcasing the natural beauty of the region or one who excels at capturing the intimate moments between you and your loved ones, Iowa City boasts a diverse array of talented professionals. 

Taking the time to research, meet potential videographers, and assess their styles and portfolios is a decision you won’t regret. Contact your favorite wedding videographers in Iowa City to ask about wedding date availability, prices, packages, and more.

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