Emerald Gate Studios, based in Oakland, CA, is ready to film your wedding! Sandy is prepared to make your video dreams come true with a team of highly trained and dedicated staff. 

Sandy’s passion for shooting beautiful stories with visually compelling shots brings back the day’s emotion as if you are still there. Her dedicated team will work with you throughout the entire process to help make your wedding day as memorable as ever. If you are planning a wedding in the Oakland or San Francisco area, let Sandy at Emerald Gate Studios create a radiant story that you will cherish forever.

Address: Oakland, CA

Phone: 510-857-6265

Social: Emerald Gate Studios

Profile: Emerald Gate Studios

Contact : Sandy Martinez

Since 1997, Brazilian born videographer Alex Primentel has brought his award-winning videography skills to couples all over the Oakland, CA area. A natural broadcaster and storyteller, Alex knows how to bring out the ever-lasting love and commitment in his work, and it shows. 

With over 20 years of shooting experience, Alex and his team of professionals will help you choose the right package for you and your wedding. His professional demeanor and style help him easily blend in, so you don’t even know he is there. Families rant and rave about how easy and fun it is to work with Alex. For a truly unique experience, let Alex at Alex Primentel Professional Video & Photography help capture a lifetime of memories that you will watch over and over again. 

Address: Oakland, CA

Phone: 510-760-4957

Social: Alex Pimentel Professional Video & Photography

Profile: Alex Pimentel Professional Video & Photography

Contact : Alex

Silvana & Brian created Cabie Films in 2017 to bring you amazing videos that last forever. The lovebirds enjoy bringing you stunning visuals that bring the day’s beauty and emotion as if it was still happening. 

Their passion for creating beautiful memories will delight you for years to come. Her team will work with you to choose the right package for your style and budget. Cabie Films is ready to record your wedding day to be enjoyed for years to come. Contact Silvana today so she can create something magical for you.

Address: Oakland, CA

Phone: 510-326-0024



Contact : Silvana

When planning your wedding, you want everything to be perfect! That’s where Blue Dolphins Video steps in to create a one of a kind experience that you cannot get anywhere else in the Oakland, CA area.

Yuki and his small team of dedicated professionals will work with you from day one to help capture a memorable moment. Don’t just have him record the wedding day, but go beyond and let him record the proposal, rehearsal dinners, getting ready shots, and everything in-between. 

With over eight years of experience shooting incredible wedding videos, you can rest assured that Yuki and his team at Blue Dolphin Videos will capture every moment of your wedding. In the end, you will walk away with a new friend and memories you can watch over and over again.

Address: 858 Alma Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

Phone: 510-710-6950

Social: Blue Dolphin Videos

Profile: Blue Dolphin Videos

Contact : Yuki Kawai

The name says it all. Inspired By Studio’s goal is to inspire your wedding day’s beauty and emotion and make it a magical event that you will watch repeatedly. 

Thien Nguyen and his friendly and dedicated team have serviced the Oakland, CA area for years bringing their couples heartfelt wedding videos that bring the pageantry and emotion back each time they watch. They pride themselves on making your day memorable and meaningful with their friendly and professional manner and dedication to bringing you the best video you can imagine. If you are planning a wedding in the Oakland, CA area, contact Thien and his team at Inspired By Studios and let them inspire you.

Address: Oakland, CA

Phone: 408-472-9706

Social: Inspired By Studio

Profile: Inspired By Studio

Contact : Thien Nguyen

Augusto “Gusto” Lopez at Life in Digital Films has created beautifully filmed weddings for his clients since 2009. Servicing the Oakland, CA area, he brings his passion for creating warm and emotional videos that will bring tears to the bride and groom as they relive the day.

Gusto started his cinematic journey as an outlet for his creative talent. He thrills in capturing those special hidden moments and subtle gestures that speak of the love that the bride and groom feel on the day. He works with a dedicated and professional team to bring you a cinematic experience that you will forever enjoy.

When you want an artfully created wedding video to cherish for a lifetime, let Gusto Lopez at Life in Digital Films craft for you a beautiful dream that you will want to watch over and over again. 

Address: Alameda, CA (~6 mins from Oakland)

Phone: 510-509-8894

Social: Life in Digital Films

Profile: Life in Digital Films

Contact : Augusto Lopez

Lynds Photo & Video has worked in the bay area for over 50 years. This family-owned company specializing in wedding videos dedicates itself to capturing your wedding day. 

Keith took over for his father to continue the family tradition of recording the day’s special moments in a low-key and unobtrusive way. They offer many different packages at affordable prices for any budget. For an extra bit of fun, treat your guests to a photobooth. If you’re looking for a highly experienced team with a long history servicing the Oakland, CA area, let Keith at Lynds Photo & Video capture your special day to be enjoying over and over again.

Address: Lafayette, CA (~20 mins from Oakland)

Phone: 510-219-3120

Social: Lynds Photo & Video

Profile: Lynds Photo & Video

Contact : Keith

A dedicated professional who found his passion for creating elegant wedding videos after filming a co-worker’s wedding, Gary at Gary Magill Videography has filmed weddings all over the Oakland, CA area and is known for his behind-the-scenes style filming. You won’t even know he is there!

Gary prides himself on crafting beautiful memories for you to enjoy for a lifetime. With various packages to fit many budgets, you will have at least three HD cameras filming your wedding day, plus aerial footage to make it even more magical. Let Gary Magill Videography work with you to capture every moment of your wedding day. You will cherish the special moments of the day for years to come. 

Address: San Mateo, CA (~32 mins from Oakland)

Phone: 559-797-2589

Social: Gary Magill Videography

Profile: Gary Magill Videography

Contact : Gary Magill

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When finding the right wedding videographer in the Oakland, CA area, you have various options. Ask questions, talk with other couples for recommendations, and don’t be rushed in making your decision. For your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect. Choosing the right wedding videographer is paramount for preserving the day.

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