Discover the magic of wedding storytelling with Journey Wedding Films, led by Andrii Noga, a passionate videographer capturing love stories across Northern California and Nevada. With a cinematic touch, Andrii has dedicated himself to preserving your once-in-a-lifetime moments since 2014. Having filmed over 100 weddings, his expertise ensures that every fleeting smile and heartfelt vow is beautifully encapsulated. Acknowledging the whirlwind of your special day, Journey Wedding Films promises to transform it into an elegant and artistic masterpiece. Your wedding film, a timeless treasure chest of memories, allows you to relive those cherished moments with loved ones for a lifetime. Trust Journey Wedding Films to weave the tapestry of your love story into an everlasting cinematic masterpiece.

Address: Sacramento, CA

Phone: 916-572-4147

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Andrii Noga

Step into the enchanting world of Fresh Wedding Cinematography, where emotion meets artistry. With a passion for storytelling, this Northern California-based videography team, led by a visionary creator, has been crafting captivating story-driven marketing videos since 2012. Going beyond mere documentation, they aspire to dazzle and add depth to every event video, infusing it with a unique storyline. Embracing the extraordinary and dramatic elements of each couple and individual, Fresh Wedding Cinematography takes the time to understand your vision, ensuring a creative and memorable approach to every project. Choose them as your videographer, and let your special moments unfold into a “FRESH” and timeless masterpiece.

Address: Fairfield, CA

Phone: 707-718-2061

Social: Instagram

Contact : Brian Winckel

FilmmanVideo, co-founded by George Yeo and Christina Kho in 2002, is a collective of artists driven by a profound passion for storytelling. From its humble origins, FilmmanVideo has emerged as a leading specialist in videography, crafting countless wedding and event films in the United States and Asia. George, the brilliant mind behind the studio, brings a filmmaking background and exceptional cinematographic skills to every project, capturing moments from the most captivating angles. Their mission is clear: to authentically and beautifully narrate your story using their professional expertise and equipment. With an unwavering aim to encapsulate the true essence of weddings, FilmmanVideo promises a memorable cinematic experience that words can never fully express.

Address: Dublin, CA

Phone: 510-896-0254

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Christina Kho

Capturing love in every frame, Love Unique Studios stands out as award-winning visual storytellers in Northern California. With a heartfelt commitment to showcasing your personalities and style, they go beyond the ordinary to narrate your love story uniquely. Boasting years of experience, their founder’s epiphany during a couple’s tale in the Appalachian Mountains transformed their approach to wedding film composition. Avoiding trends, Love Unique Studios embraces a fun and distinctive narrative tailored to each couple. Having filmed over 500 weddings since 2009, their focus remains solely on you, ensuring comfort and authenticity throughout your journey. Trust Love Unique Studios to craft a wedding film that transcends time, preserving your cherished memories for a lifetime.

Address: San Francisco, CA

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jesse Garrison

Immerse in the magic of love with Moonstruck Films, led by professional wedding videographer Lenon in Napa, California. Lenon’s passion for capturing life’s special moments ensures a personalized and high-quality service, transforming your wedding dreams into a stunning reality. From pre-ceremony preparations to the first dance, Moonstruck Films artfully captures every emotion and detail, creating unforgettable memories. Lenon, when not behind the lens, enjoys time with his furry companions Teddy and Mochi. Moonstruck Films believes weddings are unique stories waiting to be told. Join them on a journey where your love story takes center stage, preserving the magic of your engagement, elopement, or wedding. Cherish these timeless memories forever with Moonstruck Films.

Address: Napa, CA

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Lenon

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As your wedding day draws to a close, the importance of choosing the right videographer becomes evident. Northern California’s top wedding videographers are not just professionals; they are artists who understand the power of visual storytelling. Your love story, set against the picturesque landscapes of California, deserves to be captured with precision and passion.

In the hands of these talented individuals, your wedding video becomes more than just a recording—it becomes a timeless piece of art that you, your family, and future generations will cherish. So, as you embark on this journey, remember that your choice of videographer is an investment in the lasting memories of your most cherished day. Choose wisely, and may your wedding day be a beautiful, cinematic masterpiece.

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