Meet Sam Bennett, the creative force behind Sam Bennett Media (SBM), a thriving Wedding Videography business in the Bay Area. A native with a penchant for adventure, Sam’s journey led him to discover his love for filmmaking during extensive travels. SBM, under Sam’s leadership, focuses on Weddings, Real Estate, and Commercial Video Content. What sets Sam apart is his commitment to forging authentic connections with clients and vendors. As a skilled filmmaker, editor, and entrepreneur, he’s not just capturing moments but creating lasting impressions. SBM’s collaborations with noteworthy companies showcase their prowess in crafting captivating visual stories. Choose Sam Bennett Media for a wedding day that unfolds cinematically.

Address: Danville, CA

Phone: 925-216-3884

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Sam Bennett

Love Unique Studios, an award-winning wedding videography business in the Bay Area, crafts visual narratives that transcend the ordinary. With a rich history of capturing over 500 weddings since 2009, their founder, a devoted filmmaker with a degree in Filmmaking, brings a unique and fun approach to storytelling. Diverging from trendy norms, they focus on each couple’s distinctive journey, from intimate backyard ceremonies to grand ballroom affairs. Passionate about personal connections, they delve into the histories of close friends and family, infusing creativity into every moment. Committed to reflecting your personalities and style, Love Unique Studios ensures your wedding film becomes a timeless treasure, a shared memory to last lifetimes.

Address: San Francisco, CA

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jesse Garrison

Nestled in Northern CA, Kurtela Video specializes in luxury wedding videography, proudly recognized as a Preferred Wedding Video Team at Nestldown and various Bay Area venues. With a decade-long commitment, their dedicated crew has artfully captured over 200 weddings, preserving cherished memories for couples. Available not only throughout California but also worldwide, trusting Kurtela Video Productions ensures couples make the best decision for their wedding day. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding – Kurtela Video is poised to craft your most valuable keepsake, blending expertise and passion to immortalize your special moments with timeless elegance.

Address: East Palo Alto, CA

Phone: 650-464-0185

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Sean Kurtela

Discover the artistry of wedding storytelling with David N. Sachs Photography + Film, a distinguished Bay Area gem. As proud members of The Knot Hall of Fame, their cinematographers and photographers seamlessly unite to craft timeless memories. Renowned worldwide, their award-winning teams tailor each film to reflect your unique style. From sleek, modern videos to classic, timeless films, they offer a personalized touch. With a commitment to diversity, they capture the essence of each couple in the San Francisco Bay Area. Elevate your wedding experience with their captivating Wedding Trailers, Highlight Films, and optional Full Ceremony and Speeches Edit. Your special day, impeccably preserved.

Address: Emeryville, CA

Phone: 949-874-4073

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : David

Capturing love stories with an authentic touch, Apollo Fotografie Cinematography, based in the Bay Area, California, is a dynamic duo driven by human connection and genuine moments. Founded by Andra and Liv, their fine art wedding photography and cinematography blend style and timelessness. Rooted in a passion for travel and imagery, Andra’s journey into photography began as a teen in Spain, shaping his love for documenting unique experiences. Liv, a former musician turned photographer, finds excitement in diverse cultural exchanges. As your Bay Area and Palm Springs wedding videographers, Apollo Fotografie crafts cinematic experiences, turning your special day into timeless visual masterpieces. They serve Northern and Southern California, including San Francisco, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and beyond, delivering seamless wedding photography experiences from start to finish.

Address: Bay Area, CA

Phone: 415-510-6095

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Apollo Fotografie

In the heart of Bay Area, California, The Uncommon Weddings stands out as the #1 rated candid moment-capturing video and photo team. Steering clear of over-edited Hollywood glamour, they specialize in preserving the authentic essence of your special day. With a passion for genuine emotion, they bring to life the realness, candid moments, and relaxed vibes that transform your wedding film into a true masterpiece. Comprising video nerds, wedding enthusiasts, and self-proclaimed awkward dancers, their team ensures your big day is nothing short of uncommon. Say goodbye to the unnecessary drama and embrace the beauty of simplicity with The Uncommon Weddings—your dream team for an unforgettable wedding experience.

Address: San Francisco, CA

Phone: 760-533-0551

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Josue

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As you wrap up the final touches on your wedding plans, the memories that will last a lifetime are within reach. The Top Wedding Videographers in the Bay Area have not just captured moments but have woven a visual symphony of your love. Your journey to this day has been unique, and so should be the visual narrative that unfolds through these skilled professionals.

With the magic of cinematic storytelling, your wedding day becomes a perpetual celebration, ready to be revisited whenever your hearts desire. As you embark on this new chapter, remember that the expertise and artistry of these videographers have etched your love story into the fabric of time. Cherish the joy, laughter, and the tender moments – they are now yours to relive, forever encapsulated in the films created by these remarkable artists.

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