Pecos Winery is one of the most sought after wedding venues to be found across Roswell and beyond, a magnificent choice for a local couple planning an upcoming wedding ceremony and reception. Pecos Winery is a popular local restaurant with a dedicated Winery Tasting Room and Bistro that can host an intimate dinner, a small wedding party, or any other kind of event. With off-site catering available and event coordination offered in-house, Pecos Winery can lend a helping hand to a happy couple planning their local wedding such that the wedding planning process is neatly and artfully executed.

Address: 412 W 2nd St, Roswell, NM 88201

Phone: 575-627-6265

Facebook: Pecos Winery

Instagram: Pecos Winery

Contact : Paul Ragsdale

Look no further than The Liberty for a Roswell-based wedding venue of supreme charm and sophistication. The Liberty is flanked by a gorgeous archway, a built-in bar, stunning chandeliers, and 7,000 square feet of event space within the Ballroom, Dining Room, and Patio on site. Up to 230 seated guests or 400 standing guests can be accommodated within the indoor event spaces on the property at The Liberty, while the Patio can host up to 50 standing guests. Items available for rental in-house at The Liberty include catering services, breakdown after the celebration, and tableware for a dinner service.

Address: 312 N Virginia Ave, Roswell, NM 88201

Phone: 575-627-2121

Facebook: The Liberty

Instagram: The Liberty

Contact : Josh

The Roswell Convention & Civic Center is a fantastic event space for a large wedding ceremony and reception. The Roswell Convention & Civic Center keeps an event manager on staff to execute the finer details of a wedding celebration hosted on the property, while event spaces on the property include the Exhibit Hall with 15,000 square feet of event space for up to 720 seated guests, or any number of the Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms, which can host small to medium sized gatherings of family and friends for a wedding party. The Roswell Convention & Civic Center is a massive event space with a variety of potential indoor setups for a memorable wedding party.

Address: 912 N Main St, Roswell, NM 88201

Phone: 575-624-6860

Facebook: Roswell Convention & Civic Center

Instagram: Roswell Convention & Civic Center

Contact : Juanita N. Jennings

For a wedding venue run by a trusted national brand, check out the Holiday Inn Roswell. The Holiday Inn Roswell offers two distinct indoor event spaces with 2,000 square feet of total available event area. Flexible seating configurations can be accommodated within the elegant setup at the Holiday Inn Roswell, with a maximum capacity of 150 seated guests in the largest event space. With its traditional hotel setup, overnight accommodations can be provided on-site for several out-of-town guests hoping to stick around for the wedding weekend.

Address: 3620 N Main St, Roswell, NM 88201

Phone: 575-623-3216

Facebook: Holiday Inn Roswell

Instagram: Holiday Inn Roswell

Contact : Holiday Inn Roswell Team

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Now that you and your partner have checked out these four wedding venues in and around Roswell, New Mexico, we hope that you two have found a good sense of direction and purpose for your upcoming wedding celebration. While choosing a venue can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of the wedding planning process, we guarantee that once you’ve chosen your wedding locale, a ton of other aspects will easily fall into place. So we recommend that if you like any of these venues that you reach out to one or more venue managers to check availability for your upcoming wedding date. With all that said, we wish you and your partner the very best of luck with your ongoing wedding planning process, and we’re sure that at the end of the day you’ll end up with the wedding location of your dreams!

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