The Heartland Country Barn is one of the most sought after wedding venues to be found across Fremont and beyond, with its pastoral surroundings and its rustic interior and exterior drawing couples in and around the local area for wedding parties of supreme bucolic beauty. The Heartland Country Barn offers several services and amenities with rentals of the event space including the setup of wedding benches and access to the bride and groom suites. Tables and chairs for up to 260 seated guests can be provided with use of the Heartland Country Barn as well as access to the entire temperature controlled indoor barn and the outdoor courtyard with its fire pit.

Address: 1063 Co Rd U, Fremont, NE 68025

Phone: 402-719-5597

Facebook: Heartland Country Barn

Instagram: Heartland Country Barn

Contact : Sandy

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, the Fremont Golf Club provides a traditional and decadent event space with space for up to 200 seated guests within the indoor event area. In-house catering services can be provided by a talented team of industry expert chefs on the staff at the Fremont Golf Club, ensuring a delicious and delightful dinner service during a reception. The Fremont Golf Club features a portable bar and a built-in dance floor, as well as linen rentals, tent rentals, and decor and design items that will add to the refinement and charm of the indoor event space.

Address: 2710 N Somers Ave, Fremont, NE 68025

Phone: 402-721-6641

Facebook: Fremont Golf Club

Instagram: Fremont Golf Club

Contact : Doug Shiple

Look no further than the Fremont Opera House for a charming wedding venue with a history that dates back long ago into the past of this small city. The Fremont Opera House can host up to 160 seated guests for a dinner and dancing reception, with items provided for parties including round tablets, banquet tables, cocktail tables, 180 padded chairs, a portable bar, a catering kitchen, and the option to add on a dance floor, a stage, and the setup and cleanup of tables and chairs. With all of these valuable amenities as well as its historic exterior, the Fremont Opera House is an excellent choice of local venue.

Address: 541 N Broad St, Fremont, NE 68025

Phone: 402-720-2332

Facebook: Fremont Opera House

Contact : Fremont Opera House Team

The Countryside Venue is one of the premier wedding venues to be found across Fremont, Nebraska and beyond, a fabulous example of what a sophisticated and upscale locale can do to add a dimension of sophistication and elegance to a wedding party. With 4,000 square feet of event space for up to 200 seated guests, the Countryside Venue is a fantastic choice for small to medium sized gatherings of family and friends for a dinner and dancing reception. A large outdoor deck can be added to the party to give the celebration an indoor/outdoor flow. An on-site commercial kitchen can be included with wedding packages to ease along the dinner service provided by catering partner Patricia Catering & Cocktails.

Address: 30030 W Reichmuth Rd, Valley, NE 68064 (~15 mins drive from Fremont)

Phone: 402-731-2456

Facebook: Countryside Venue

Instagram: Countryside Venue

Contact : Countryside Venue Team

The Woodcliff Community Center is a lovely and luxurious wedding venue located in Fremont, perfect for a wedding celebration of romance and beauty. The Woodcliff Community Center can provide several items for wedding parties including rectangle and round tables, 300 chairs, 30 picnic tables, and a full catering kitchen for an outside caterer to use in order to prepare the dinner service for a dinner and dancing reception. The interior and exterior event spaces can be configured with a variety of potential floor plans, keeping the space flexible and versatile. There is no restriction placed on outside vendors, so clients working with the Woodcliff Community Center are free to work with the very best local businesses across Fremont and beyond.

Address: 980 County Rd W T-1018, Suite, Fremont, NE 68025

Phone: 402-909-3232

Facebook: Woodcliff Community Center

Contact : Woodcliff Community Center Team

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Now that you and your partner have concluded reading through our list of the top five wedding venues to be found across Fremont, Nebraska and beyond, we hope that you two feel ready to tackle the remaining aspects of your wedding planning process with ease and confidence.

After all, with these luxurious wedding venues available to you for your upcoming nuptials, what’s the hold up?

We encourage you and your partner to develop a set of mutual criteria that establish what you’re looking for in a wedding venue, and then from there, you can simply strike off the venues that don’t work for you and start to consider the ones that do. With all that said, we wish you two lots of luck with the rest of your wedding planning process! 

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