River Garden Weddings & Events

River Garden Weddings & Events is one of the most sought after wedding venues to be found across Vista and beyond, a fabulous example of what a charming wedding locale can do to add some sophistication and elegance to a wedding celebration hosted within the premises. The River Garden Weddings & Events features 30,000 square feet of outdoor event space, flanked by natural flora and fragrant, verdant greenery, including waterfalls, imposing trees of old age, and more. 12 hour rental windows can be booked with use of the River Garden Weddings & Events facilities, with tables and chairs for up to 200 seated guests and parking for all guests in attendance. Outside vendors can make use of this event space with the flexible vendor policy created by River Garden Weddings & Events.

Address: 390 Mimosa Ave, Vista, CA 92081

Phone: 760-309-4006

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Matt & Amy

Vista Valley Country Club

Look no further than the Vista Valley Country Club for a local wedding venue decked out with all of the elegant features and finishes that a soon-to-be-married couple could hope for in the locale of their upcoming nuptials. The Vista Valley Country Club houses an unforgettable and historic ceremony site flanked by 18th century features including antique stone windows and shade timbers. The Vista Valley Country Club also features in-house catering and beverage services from a talented team of on-site chefs and bartenders who can facilitate a high quality dinner service. All-inclusive event packages can be prepared for clients to make for a seamless and effortless booking and purchasing process in advance of an event held on the premises.

Address: 29354 Vista Valley Dr, Vista, CA 92084

Phone: 760-758-2800

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Contact : Laura Mitchell

Shadowridge Golf Club

The Shadowridge Golf Club is a premier wedding venue located in Vista, with a series of beautiful on-site gardens and gorgeous interior event spaces that can host wedding celebrations of upscale refinement and beauty. The Shadowridge Golf Club is staffed by a team of devoted wedding professionals who can steer the wedding planning process and keep things simple and easy for the happy couple at the center of the celebration. The Hilltop Garden at the Shadowridge Golf Club is an idyllic outdoor spot for a romantic wedding ceremony held under the setting sun, while the elegant ballroom is the perfect space for a dinner and dancing reception that stretches on late into the night.

Address: 1980 Gateway Dr, Vista, CA 92081

Phone: 760-727-7700

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Contact : Richard Siggins

The Wood Shed

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, The Wood Shed offers some of the finest wedding accommodations in all of Vista and beyond. The Wood Shed is owned and operated by the Booze Brothers Brewing Co., with a maximum capacity of 100 seated guests and event spaces including a lounge room, a bar, and a back patio for a ceremony and reception in an intimate series of rooms. The Wood Shed can serve from ten tabs of in-house craft beers, the perfect amenity for any beer lovers in attendance at a celebration. A list of preferred vendors can be granted to clients working with The Wood Shed upon special request, ensuring that couples work with the very best wedding professionals in the local area of Vista.

Address: 2545 Progress St suite a, Vista, CA 92081

Phone: 760-295-0217

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kristina FitzSimons

Wishing Well mini Ranch

The Wishing Well mini Ranch is one of the most rustic and serene wedding venues to be found across Vista and beyond, celebrating the two acres of pastoral property and the small working ranch full of warm and welcoming staff in addition to the roaming animals. The Wishing Well mini Ranch features on-site overnight accommodations, perfect for a small collection of wedding guests hoping to stick around after the late-night reception held on the property. Designed in a style described as “boho chic,” the Wishing Well mini Ranch is an outdoor venue that can host parties of up to 100 seated guests surrounded by the natural beauty of the waterfalls, ponds, leafy trees, and more. 

Address: 29850 Margale Ln, Vista, CA 92084

Phone: 760-215-9550

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kim & Kiva

Rancho Minerva Weddings & Event Venue

For a wedding celebration held in a beautiful locale, the Rancho Minerva Weddings & Event Venue can be the perfect choice of local Vista-based event space. The Rancho Minerva Weddings & Event Venue is a ranch property that dates all the way back to 1933, tucked into the quiet and shaded region of Vista. This wedding venue can host up to 200 seated guests in its beautiful outdoor event spaces. An on-site event coordinator can assist couples in the booking and purchasing process of this event venue, while the remaining aspects of the wedding planning process including vendor selection can be managed by the happy couple.

Address: 2317 Foothill Drive, Vista, CA 92083

Phone: 760-420-2202

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Rancho Minerva Weddings Team

The Vistonian

The Vistonian is an upscale wedding venue located in Vista, with a sleek and modern interior that can host up to 170 seated guests. Featuring separate get-ready rooms for the happy couple, climate-controlled interior space, a built-in beer and wine bar, on-site parking, and 8,200 square feet of combined event space, The Vistonian is a wedding venue that is decked out with just about everything that a soon-to-be-married couple could hope for. The Vistonian is located within spitting distance of the coastal towns of Southern California, while its inland locale keeps celebrations intimate and quiet. 

Address: 600 Optimist Way, Vista, CA 92081

Social: Instagram

Contact : The Vistonian Team

Helia Brewing Company

Check out the Helia Brewing Company for a Vista-based wedding venue that can host celebrations that make use of the on-site craft beers as well as the charming event spaces that are designed in a “beach bohemian” style that evokes the vibe and atmosphere of San Diego. Helia Brewing Company is decked out with gorgeous art, exposed beams and rafters, and Bali light fixtures, all of which combine to create a classic 70s California atmosphere. Full bar service is granted for all wedding parties hosted at Helia Brewing Company, with PIAs, pale ales, golden ales, and every other kind of beer imaginable as well as a bartender to manage the bar service throughout a celebration. 

Address: 1250 Keystone Way, Vista, CA 92081

Phone: 760-216-6023

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Helia Brewing Company Team

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Now that you and your partner have checked out our list of the top wedding venues to be found across Vista, California and beyond, we hope that you two feel armed with all of the information you need to make a decision about the location of your upcoming wedding ceremony and reception! With all of these beautiful and sophisticated venues available to you and your partner for a rental, we hope that you two feel encouraged to pursue the next steps of your wedding planning process, whether that means making a booking at your favorite wedding locale or simply narrowing down the options to only the venues that check off all of your boxes. With all that said, we wish you and your partner all the very best of luck with the remaining aspects of your wedding planning process!

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