Cottonwood Canyon Vineyard & Winery

The Cottonwood Canyon Vineyard & Winery is one of the most sought after wedding venues to be found across Santa Maria and beyond, a charming example of what a scenic locale can do to add a dimension of sophistication to a local wedding celebration. The Cottonwood Canyon Vineyard & Winery is located within view of an epic, sweeping vista of the surrounding area, making for an unforgettable ceremony hosted outdoors. Indoor dinner and dancing receptions can make use of the on-site wines and delightful on-site catering, both of which can make for a great party of up to 300 seated guests. This all-inclusive wedding venue can manage the logistics of the big day to keep things as easy as possible for the happy couple.

Address: 3940 Dominion Rd, Santa Maria, CA 93454

Phone: 805-937-8463

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Contact : Lexie Wynn

Presqu'ile Winery

Look no further than Presqui’le Winery for a Santa Maria-based wedding venue owned and operated as a family business for years and years. Presqui’le Winery is located on a sprawling 200 acre estate which spreads out for miles and miles into the distance, making for a picturesque locale for an outdoor ceremony framed by the imposing oaks and beautiful vineyard property. Presqui’le Winery features a beautiful amphitheater for a ceremony, while the indoor location is a tasting room, with stone walls and vaulted wood ceilings for a lofty, elegant atmosphere. Presqui’le Winery offers all-inclusive packages that can be customized to the exact expectations of clients, making for an effortless wedding planning process.

Address: 5391 Presquile Dr, Santa Maria, CA 93455

Phone: 805-937-8110

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Contact : Presqu'ile Winery Team

Ca' Del Grevino

Ca’ Del Grevino is a naturally beautiful wedding venue located within 60 acres of virtually limitless property, upon which memorable wedding ceremonies and receptions can be held. Ca’ Del Grevino can host up to 1,000 seated guests within its gigantic event spaces, which are all flanked by extensive views of the premises. With its Mediterranean villa design and its framed views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains looming in the distance, Ca’ Del Grevino features a staff of wedding planners, designers, florists, and expert chef on-site, all of whom can collaborate closely with the happy couple throughout the wedding planning process for a wedding celebration that is neatly executed and artfully designed in conjunction with the couple through every step of the way.

Address: 2510 East Clark Avenue, Santa Maria, CA 93455

Phone: 805-621-5889

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Contact : Ca' Del Grevino Team

The Historic Santa Maria Inn

Look no further than The Historic Santa Maria Inn for a local wedding venue that can be hosted within any number of on-site event spaces. The Historic Santa Maria Inn houses event spaces including the Santa Maria Room, the Kent Room, and the Gardens and Cabanas, which can host up to 350 seated guests for a ceremony and reception. Wedding packages created by The Historic Santa Maria Inn include such amenities as private banquet rooms with a dance floor, champagne toasts, cake cutting service, “tapered hurricane” centerpieces, complimentary on-site accommodations overnight for the happy couple, and more. For all of these special amenities as well as access to the elegant event spaces on site, The Historic Santa Maria Inn is an excellent choice of wedding venue.

Address: 801 S Broadway, Santa Maria, CA 93454

Phone: 805-928-7777

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Contact : Santa Maria Inn Team

Santa Maria Country Club

The Santa Maria Country Club is one of the most luxurious wedding venues to be found across the local area and beyond, with its interior and exterior event spaces contributing to the romance of wedding celebrations hosted on the premises. The Santa Maria Country Club can provide in-house catering and in- house beverage services from a talented team of on-site chefs and bartenders, who can create a memorable dinner service with cuisine catered to exact client specifications for a fully bespoke experience. The Santa Maria Country Club offers 16,000 square feet of clubhouse event space for up to 200 seated guests within the Oak Room, while ceremonies can be hosted outdoors under the setting sun.

Address: 505 W Waller Ln, Santa Maria, CA 93455

Phone: 805-937-2025

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Contact : Santa Maria Country Club Team

Radisson Hotel Santa Maria

For a wedding venue owned and operated by a trusted national brand, the Radisson Hotel Santa Maria is a great choice of local event space. The Radisson Hotel Santa Maria houses a collection of easy-to-book event spaces including several rooms with a capacity of anywhere from 30-100 seated guests as well as the giant Enterprise Ballroom, which can host large dinner and dancing receptions of up to 400 seated guests. Amenities that come with bookings at the Radisson Hotel Santa Maria include access to a full bar and lounge area, a fully equipped caterer’s kitchen with in-house catering provided by a team of industry expert chefs, and so much more. Overnight accommodations can be provided for a large collection of out-of-town guests hoping to stick around for a wedding weekend.

Address: 3455 Skyway Dr, Santa Maria, CA 93455

Phone: 805-928-8000

Social: Facebook

Contact : Radisson Hotel Santa Maria Team

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Now that you and your partner have finished reading through our list of the top 6 wedding venues to be found across Santa Maria, California and beyond, we hope that you two feel like you have enough data points to make a clear and informed decision about the location for your upcoming celebration! If you still feel like you need more information, we encourage you to reach out to your favorite venues on or off of this list and see if they have any availability for your upcoming wedding date or if one of the professionals on the staff at the venue will give you a tour or provide you with any specific information that you might need. With all that said, we wish you and your partner all the very best of luck with your ongoing wedding planning process, at the end of which we’re sure you’ll end up with the wedding venue of your dreams! 

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