Castle Green is one of the premier wedding venues to be found in and around Pasadena, with a track record of excellence when it comes to hosting local wedding ceremonies and receptions. Castle Green offers the services of a devoted on-site event supervisor who can ensure the smooth logistical flow of a wedding day held on the property, while additional amenities that come with bookings include use of 200 chairs and tables to seat the guests in attendance, use of three indoor bars and one outdoor bar, cocktail rooms with antique features for a lovely cocktail hour, and use of private bridal suites. 

Address: 99 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105

Phone: 626-793-0359

Facebook: Castle Green

Instagram: Castle Green

Contact : Castle Green Team


Look no further than NOOR for a Pasadena-based wedding venue of supreme charm and beauty. NOOR offers several convenient all-inclusive packages that entitle clients to use the two on-site banquet halls, the balcony that looks out on gorgeous Old Pasadena, and the outdoor terrace with its giant fountain. The Sofia Ballroom can accommodate up to 600 standing guests or 320 seated guests for a dinner and dancing reception, with plenty of room for a dance floor as well as sparkling LED lights; the Ella Ballroom can host up to 120 seated guests or 250 standing guests, an ideal locale for a smaller celebration of close family and friends.

Address: 300 E Colorado Blvd #200, Pasadena, CA 91101

Phone: 626-793-4518

Facebook: NOOR

Instagram: NOOR

Contact : NOOR Team

The Imperial Event Venue is a luxurious wedding venue located in Pasadena with a great local reputation when it comes to providing local couples with an unforgettable event space for their nuptials. The Imperial Event Venue features an indoor ballroom event space flanked by opulent crystal chandeliers, a lofty foyer, a refreshing outdoor patio, and many decor and design items that can add an atmosphere of elegance to any wedding party. The Imperial Event Venue can function as an event space for both ceremonies and receptions; the foyer offers 2,000 square feet of event space with a custom bar, while the ballroom offers 4,500 square feet of event space lit up by glamorous LED lights. Up to 400 seated guests can be accommodated in these event spaces.

Address: 1175 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104

Phone: 626-398-9898

Facebook: Imperial Event Venue

Instagram: Imperial Event Venue

Contact : Imperial Event Venue Team

For a wedding venue with a distinct local history, The Maxwell House is a fantastic choice of event space in Pasadena. The Maxwell House offers “Traditional Wedding Packages,” which include such items as tables and chairs, free public parking, setup and cleanup services, use of the entire premises for a ceremony and reception, and a window of 12 hours for a rental. The event rooms in The Maxwell House include the living room, dining room, library, foyer, mezzanine, kitchen, and outdoor patios with garden views. A dance floor can be set up for dinner and dancing for up to 120 seated guests.

Address: 55 S Grand Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105

Phone: 626-356-8014

Facebook: The Maxwell House

Instagram: The Maxwell House

Contact : The Maxwell House Team

The Langham Huntington, Pasadena is one of the most sought after wedding venues to be found across Pasadena and beyond, with its historic exterior and its austere interior serving as a draw for any couple hosting a wedding celebration. The Langham Huntington, Pasadena offers 50,000 square feet of stunning indoor and outdoor event space, with interior spaces including the Huntington Ballroom, as well as cabaret areas, theatres, cocktail reception rooms, standing buffet rooms, sun rooms flooded with natural light, private kitchen for caterer’s use, and many more. The team of in-house planners can ensure that the entire wedding planning process is executed with an artist’s eye and a professional’s touch.

Address: 1401 S Oak Knoll Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106

Phone: 626-568-3900

Facebook: The Langham Huntington, Pasadena

Instagram: The Langham Huntington, Pasadena

Contact : The Langham Huntington, Pasadena Team

When it comes to Pasadena-based wedding celebrations, Whimsy Pasadena is a fantastic choice of local wedding venue. Whimsy Pasadena has an exterior made of exposed brick with a rustic feel, while the interior is a modern, sleek space with an industrial chic atmosphere; this interior features 2,000 square feet of event space tucked into Old Town Pasadena, filled with natural light flowing in through large windows. Use of the interior space comes with 100 folding chairs and a variety of tables, use of a prep room with a refrigerator, and a sound system. This is a DIY-style venue, meaning that clients can work with their favorite local vendors to add their own flair to a celebration.

Address: 40 Mills Pl, Pasadena, CA 91105

Facebook: Whimsy Pasadena

Instagram: Whimsy Pasadena

Contact : Joanna & Kathy

The Tea Rose Garden is a charming wedding venue in Pasadena that doubles as a full-service flower shop. The Tea Rose Garden can host up to 150 seated guests with a pre-set menu package, and the event space can be configured with a variety of potential seating configurations and floor plans for dinner and dancing receptions. Use of the facilities at Tea Rose Garden come with access to the grand piano, twinkle lights, a gazebo perfect for an outdoor ceremony, use of tables and chairs, and, most notably, in-house floral arrangements designed by the professional florists on the staff at this beguiling venue.

Address: 70 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

Phone: 626-578-1144

Facebook: Tea Rose Garden

Instagram: Tea Rose Garden

Contact : Tea Rose Garden Team

Check out the University Club of Pasadena for a wedding venue decked out with sophisticated decor and designs that contribute to an atmosphere of decadence and majesty. The University Club of Pasadena has been around since 1922, and this historic property offers the services of an on-site executive chef and catering director to provide an unforgettable dinner service for a reception held on the property. The Clubhouse features spaces for a rehearsal dinner, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and private get-ready rooms, all of which can be used for a wedding celebration. 

Address: 175 N Oakland Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101

Phone: 626-793-5157

Facebook: University Club Of Pasadena

Instagram: University Club Of Pasadena

Contact : University Club Of Pasadena Team

Few local venues can match the natural beauty of the Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden, an outdoor venue situated on two acres of stunning property featuring an authentic teahouse to the side of a gorgeous pond. Up to 120 seated guests or 150 standing guests can be accommodated for a dinner and dancing reception on the premises, surrounded by the fragrant flora that lend the space an air of elegance. The Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden can offer use of the entire property for a private celebration, with use of bridal suites, the opportunity to tour the venue with the on-site event manager, and a flexible outside vendor policy.

Address: 270 Arlington Dr, Pasadena, CA 91105

Phone: 626-399-1721

Facebook: Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden

Instagram: Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden

Contact : Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden Team

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Now that you’ve checked out our list of the top nine wedding venues to be found across Pasadena, California and beyond, we hope that you two feel armed with all of the intel you need to make an informed choice about your wedding venue.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional banquet hall with opulent lighting and an elegant dinner service, or you’re hoping for a more unique approach to your celebration, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find it within our list of the top ten event spaces around your local area.

With all that said, we wish you and your partner all the very best of luck as you continue to plan your wedding celebration! 

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