The John P. Eliopulos Hellenic Center is one of the most sought after wedding venues to be found in and around Lancaster. Featuring the Large Hall for up to 350 seated guests, the John P. Eliopulos Hellenic Center is decked out with mahogany features and finishes, nuanced window treatments, opulent chandeliers, and a large stage and dance floor; the lobby has space for a full bar. Packages booked for parties held at the John P. Eliopulos Hellenic Center include simple wedding day items such as choice of linens, setup and cleanup services, tables and chairs, and use of the entire hall for the big day. 

Address: 43404 30th St W, Lancaster, CA 93536

Phone: 661-948-1413

Facebook: John P. Eliopulos Hellenic Center

Instagram: John P. Eliopulos Hellenic Center

Contact : J.P. Eliopulos Hellenic Center Team

Look no further than the AV Banquet Hall for a Lancaster-based wedding celebration of ultimate elegance and charm. The AV Banquet Hall can provide in-house wedding planning services from a tried and true wedding and event specialist who can manage each and every aspect of the wedding planning process from start to finish; this means weddings planned at the AV Banquet Hall will make things as easy as possible for the happy couple, who can customize the on-site decor and design features as well as the vendors for their party to ensure a celebration that speaks to the artistic sensibilities of the couple at the center of it all.

Address: 44950 Valley Central Way, Lancaster, CA 93536

Phone: 661-912-7108

Facebook: AV Banquet Hall

Instagram: AV Banquet Hall

Contact : AV Banquet Hall Team

The AV Fair & Event Center is an all-inclusive venue featuring a vast array of services provided for wedding celebrations held on the premises. The AV Fair & Event Center keeps a ton of services in house, meaning that this venue can be a one-stop shop for a wide array of wedding day necessities. Up to 1,200 guests can be hosted in the massive event facilities at the AV Fair & Event Center, while on-site event specialists can manage the logistical flow of the wedding day and a team of in-house caterers can collaborate with clients to create a special menu for the big day. The outdoor event spaces are flanked by a gazebo, a spurting fountain, and freshly manicured gardens and landscaping.

Address: 2551 W Avenue H, Lancaster, CA 93536

Phone: 661-948-6060

Facebook: AV Fair & Event Center

Instagram: AV Fair & Event Center

Contact : AV Fair & Event Center Team

For arts buffs and history lovers alike, the Museum of Art & History can make for a truly unique wedding venue to host a Lancaster-based wedding ceremony and reception. The Museum of Art & History offers event spaces including the Lantern Room & Roof for up to 80 seated guests; the Main Gallery; the Second Floor Galleries; or the entire museum. Additionally the Cedar Center for the Arts can host up to 170 seated guests and the Museum Garden can host a lovely reception for up to 80 seated guests. With its wide variety of event spaces and its art-inflected atmosphere, the Museum of Art & History is a much-loved venue in Lancaster.

Address: 665 W Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster, CA 93534

Phone: 661-723-6250

Facebook: Museum of Art & History

Instagram: Museum of Art & History

Contact : Museum of Art & History Team

The Center for Spiritual Living Antelope Valley is a lovely event venue located in Lancaster, with beautiful indoor and outdoor facilities for wedding ceremonies and receptions held in the local area. The Center for Spiritual Living Antelope Valley offers consultations in advance of bookings to make sure that the venue is a good fit for the couple’s ideal wedding party. The Center for Spiritual Living Antelope Valley is flanked by endless gorgeous natural vistas, adding to the beauty of the surrounding property. The key draw at this venue is the endlessly elegant wedding chapel, which can host a romantic wedding ceremony in a cathedral-esque event space.

Address: 1030 W. Avenue L-8, Lancaster, CA 93534

Phone: 661-948-0873

Facebook: Center for Spiritual Living Antelope Valley

Instagram: Center for Spiritual Living Antelope Valley

Contact : Center for Spiritual Living Antelope Valley Team

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, Antelope Valley Winery is an excellent choice of local venue. One of the finest locales in all of Lancaster and beyond, the Antelope Valley Winery features picturesque panoramic views of the sweeping surroundings as well as beautiful interior spaces for wedding celebrations. The Antelope Valley Winery can offer in-house beverage services featuring the unbelievable wines made on-site, perfect for any oenophiles in attendance. The Antelope Valley Winery features a beautiful indoor banquet space that can host parties both large and small.

Address: 42041 20th St W, Lancaster, CA 93534

Phone: 661-722-0145

Facebook: Antelope Valley Winery

Contact : Antelope Valley Winery Team

The UAV Grand Ballroom is a glamorous event facility located within the University of Antelope Valley, a beautiful campus. The UAV Grand Ballroom can be easily booked for wedding parties, with an indoor space that features opulent chandeliers, wall drapings, and ambient lighting, all contributing to the atmosphere of utter elegance and sophistication. The UAV Grand Ballroom can host up to 300 seated guests within its indoor event space, while food and beverage services are included with bookings; additional offerings include a built-in dance floor made of hardwood, private bridal suites, table linens, and an in-house bar with a bartender to man the station.  

Address: 44073 Sierra Hwy, Lancaster, CA 93534

Phone: 661-726-1911

Facebook: UAV Grand Ballroom

Instagram: UAV Grand Ballroom

Contact : Pamela Mazor

Few local venues can match the charm and sophistication of the AmaysN Events Banquet Hall, which can host elegant wedding celebrations within its hallowed halls. A restaurant and catering banquet hall first and foremost, AmaysN Events Banquet Hall can host weddings both large and small while providing excellent catering services from a team of unbelievably skilled chefs, who can cater an event to exact client specifications for a more bespoke approach to the dinner service. Wedding celebrations hosted at AmaysN Events Banquet Hall are entitled to use of the opulent crystal chandeliers, Dior chairs, sound equipment, charming lighting, and other such key features.

Address: 44275 Division St, Lancaster, CA 93535

Phone: 661-576-0099

Facebook: AmaysN Events Banquet Hall

Contact : Tiawana Johnson

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Now that you and your partner have finished reading through our list of the top wedding venues to be found across Lancaster, California, we hope that you two feel a little more prepared to take on the rest of your wedding planning process, especially the selection of the venue and the locale. Choosing a venue is an excellent place to start, as the venue will most likely dictate the way in which you continue to add services and amenities to your celebration; many venues include a lot of in-house services, but a lot of venues leave the creativity up to the clients. So it is up to you and your partner to decide how much you’d like to exert creative control over your celebration, which can help you find a venue that will work for you. With all that said, we wish you two all the luck in the world with your ongoing wedding planning process!

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