RI Wedding Shuttle is one of the most sought after wedding transportation outlets to be found in and around Providence, a source of chauffeured vehicles that will provide a bus for a little lift to and from a series of wedding day locales in the local area. RI Wedding Shuttle ensures the safe deposit of all guests, while avoiding the pitfalls and traps of valet service and parking, both of which can add major complications to the logistical flow of a wedding party. With a series of convenient mini coach buses available for rental and the comfortable transportation for all guests in attendance who can fit onto the vehicle, RI Wedding Shuttle is a great choice of wedding transportation services. 

Style: Bus

Address: Providence, RI

Phone: 401-886-0733

Facebook: RI Wedding Shuttle

Instagram: RI Wedding Shuttle

Contact : RI Wedding Shuttle Team

With wedding transportation serving as one of the central options made available to soon-to-be-married couples by this excellent Providence-based company, Providence Car & Limo Service is a wonderful choice of company for an upcoming wedding celebration in the local area. Providence Car & Limo Service can offer transportation from such locales as Lincoln, Smithfield, and Middletown in addition to Providence, and all rides will be helmed by a professional and courteous driver who can make the transportation experience as seamless and smooth as possible. For an outstanding experience with wedding transportation, check out Providence Car & Limo Service.

Style: Limousine

Address: Providence, RI

Phone: 401-240-4709

Facebook: Providence Car & Limo Service

Contact : Providence Car & Limo Team

Skyplus Limousines is one of the premiere wedding transportation companies to be found across Providence and beyond, well equipped and stocked with the finest luxurious vehicles on the market. Skyplus Limousines offers a seamless online booking process through which soon-to-be-married couples can quite easily select their favorite vehicle and ensure its rental for their big day. With no hidden fees, competitive rates, and the option to modify or cancel rides right up to the 24 hour mark, Skyplus Limousines is an exceptional Providence-based source of black cars ranging from business sedan class for three seated guests all the way up to business van class for up to 14 seated guests.

Style: Limousine, Sedan, Bus, Van, SUV

Address: Providence, RI

Phone: 401-414-3502

Facebook: Skyplus Limousines

Instagram: Skyplus Limousines

Contact : Skyplus Limousines Team

Look no further than Carmelan Limo Service for an elegant selection of vehicles that are sure to impress all guests in attendance at a wedding celebration within or around the greater metropolitan area of Providence. Carmelan Limo Service offers access to such luxurious vehicles as a Cadillac Escalade ESV, an Executive Sprinter, a GMC Denali, a Chevrolet Suburban, a Cadillac XTS, a Lincoln Towncar, and more; all of these vehicles can be easily rented and manned by a professional driver who will bring a smile and a smooth ride on the day of the happy couple’s celebration.

Style: Car, SUV

Address: Providence, RI

Phone: 401-680-6552

Facebook: Carmelan Limo Service

Instagram: Carmelan Limo Service

Contact : Carmelan Limo Service Team

Moe’s Limousine is a source of endlessly elegant vehicles, ranging from luxury sedans and executive SUVs to executive vans and executive black buses. With options that include accommodations for up to 34 seated guests within the largest vehicle available as well as more intimate vehicles that provide seating for three guests, Moe’s Limousine is a well equipped company with a virtually unrivaled collection of memorably gorgeous and sophisticated vehicles that are sure to make a splash upon their entrance at a wedding party taking place somewhere in or around Providence. 

Style: Limousine, Sedan, Bus, Van, SUV

Address: 1800 Mineral Spring Ave, Suite 131, North Providence, RI 02904

Phone: 401-428-0882

Facebook: Moe's Limousine

Instagram: Moe's Limousine

Contact : Moe's Limousine Team

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Now that you and your partner have concluded reading through our list of the top five wedding transportation outlets to be found in and around Providence, Rhode Island and beyond, we hope that you two feel prepared to tackle this aspect of the wedding planning process. Whether that means scheduling a ride in your favorite vehicle available or simply thinking about the kind of vehicle that you and your partner desire for the transportation needs of your upcoming nuptials, we encourage you two to get a deal in writing as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on your favorite option. With all that said, we wish you two all the very best of luck with the rest of your wedding planning process! 

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