If you and your partner value the importance of family and being a part of something bigger than yourself, Glint Events can help you create a one-of-a-kind wedding planning experience. Their service goes well beyond just event planning; it’s an adventure in striking a balance between originality and meticulous preparation. These top wedding planners in Richmond will work diligently to ensure that every detail of your wedding is perfect, from the planning stages to the big day itself. Glint Events believe that your wedding day should be more magical than you ever dreamed it could be. The night isn’t over for the Glint Events crew until they’ve seen widespread smiles on your faces as you bid your guests goodbye.

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Address: 3310 W Clay St #100, Richmond, VA 23230

Phone: 804-212-1470

Instagram: Glint Events

Contact : Kate Franzen

CCS Events has been in business for almost 19 years, so they have encountered just about every wedding-related scenario there is and are experts at handling them. Remember, there are various things to think about while organizing one of the most important days of your life, such as the weather, the vendors, and the ideal way to get everything done. These dedicated Richmond wedding planners have an artistic eye for everything from making signature statements representing your style to customizing the event to evoke the emotions you feel as a couple. Every aspect of CSS Events is meticulously planned with the help of multiple checklists. They believe in smart work and efficiency.

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Address: 5812 Grove Ave, Richmond, VA 23226

Phone: 804-399-7982

Facebook: CCS Events

Instagram: CCS Events

Contact : Colleen

You can rely on the Hive Wedding Collective to be there for you no matter what challenges may arise, create a wedding that reflects you and your partner, and take your lofty aspirations and bring them to reality. These popular wedding planners in Richmond will assist you in creating and sticking to a workable budget. The Hive Wedding Collective can help you break down the months-long process of planning a wedding into smaller chunks, recommend vendors that are a good fit for your style and budget, and make the whole experience more thrilling and enjoyable. No matter the package you choose, the Hive Wedding Collective will be there for you every step of the way.

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Address: 602 N 29th St, Richmond, VA 23223

Phone: 804-939-7082

Facebook: The Hive Wedding Collective

Instagram: The Hive Wedding Collective

Contact : Christine Greenberg

LK Events and Design is a one-of-a-kind wedding planning and styling company. The emotions, surprise, and wow factors are all things that fascinate them. They do everything from planning and design to idea generation and coordination for high-end nuptials in Virginia and beyond. Every member of the LK Events team feels energized by the thrill of your big day. The experts involved in your wedding want to make sure that every step of the planning process, from the first phone call to the final farewell, is perfect for you. Get ready to host the celebration you always dreamed of within budget, thanks to these preferred wedding planners in Richmond.

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Address: 2430 Devenwood Rd, Richmond, VA 23235

Phone: 804-221-7257

Facebook: LK Events & Design

Instagram: LK Events & Design

Contact : Alexis Milby

Trust a seasoned wedding planner to handle your nuptials needs, not just in Virginia but anywhere in the country. Elle Loren & Co.’s goal is to help you and your loved ones enjoy a memorable occasion that reflects who you are and what’s important to you, both aesthetically and in terms of the emotions it evokes. This friendly and innovative team cares about making your big day memorable for you and your guests. These Richmond wedding planners work hard to ensure that every ceremony and reception detail is perfect. You can put your confidence in their decades of experience and tested-and-trusted approach, which will streamline the planning process and free you up to focus on having a good time.

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Address: Richmond, VA

Phone: 804-829-3733

Facebook: Elle Loren & Co.

Instagram: Elle Loren & Co.

Contact : Elle Loren

Having studied wedding and event planning at the University of Richmond, Kate is able to produce memorable occasions that guests will talk about for years to come. Kate’s event planning experience extends from intimate gatherings of people to massive, weekend-long celebrations of several cultures. She’s empathetic and perceptive, so she can get to the heart of what you want for your wedding day and add personal touches. Kate will use her considerable knowledge of the wedding planning industry to help you with every aspect of planning your big day. At Kate Phillips Events, the number one priority is making sure that your wedding day is perfect in every aspect.

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Address: Richmond, VA 23219

Phone: 203-520-4161

Facebook: Kate Phillips Events

Instagram: Kate Phillips Events

Contact : Kate Phillips

Rely on an expert event planner with over seven years of experience. Emily is the creative eye behind Em Elix Events. She is the type of person who enjoys taking the reins and driving herself to new heights. The area in which she excels the most is planning and coordinating weddings. Em Eliz Events will shoulder all the hard work, so you won’t have to. She is available to assist you at every step of the way, from locating the best vendors to planning the event’s aesthetic elements to decorating your event and taking charge of the details. With over seven years of experience, she is dedicated to ensuring that your wedding day is perfect.

Address: Richmond, VA

Phone: 804-269-1145

Facebook: Em Eliz Events

Instagram: Em Eliz Events

Contact : Emily Crawford

The team at Mahogany Hill Weddings has years of experience in the wedding industry and serves clients all around Virginia. The business’s founder, Kendall, has always had a deep interest in planning and organizing events, and she has a deep passion for all things bridal. Kendall and her crew are at their happiest when they get to work with free-spirited, joyful couples who want to spend the day surrounded by loved ones. Their outlook is that love of any kind should be cherished and that you are deserving of a day that surpasses all your wildest dreams. They’ll handle all the planning and preparations for your wedding so you can sit back and enjoy your day.

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Address: 3300 W Broad St Unit 110, Richmond, VA 23230

Phone: 804-571-1737

Facebook: Mahogany Hill Weddings

Instagram: Mahogany Hill Weddings

Contact : Kendall

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Brides, grooms, and other lovers might think hiring a wedding planner in Richmond is a waste of money and time, but it’s actually the opposite. Employing a professional planner will help you stick to your budget, all the while having the best of the best. These wedding planners in Richmond will listen to your needs and deliver your vision. If you aren’t sure where to begin, they can offer help for planning everything from your big date and invitations to a custom timeline and complete decor. Reach out to the Richmond wedding planners you like to get more information about how they can help.

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