Bijou Weddings by Design is one of the most luxurious wedding planning companies to be found in and around Billings, a choice that guarantees soon-to-be-married couples a smooth and artfully executed celebration from start to finish. Bijou Weddings by Design can accomplish wedding celebrations in virtually every conceivable locale, from the tops of mountains to the elegant ballrooms of the best resorts across Billings and everything else in between. With flexibility built into the planning process allowing for the needs of the couple to be met at all times, Bijou Weddings by Design can ensure that every couple’s celebration will have the unique stamp of the couple combined with the expertise of the well-qualified planners.

Address: Billings, MT

Phone: 307-683-6195

Facebook: Bijou Weddings by Design

Instagram: Bijou Weddings by Design

Contact : Julia

When it comes to elegant wedding celebrations expertly tailored to client needs and desires, check out Love The Day Of, a wedding planning company for parties across Billings and beyond. Day-of wedding coordination is the primary offering with Love The Day Of, with included amenities such as wedding day timeline creation, guest greeting, DJ provided and ready to start rolling, complimentary initial meeting, 30-day meeting, rehearsals, and other such fabulous offerings. WIth all of these services taken care of by this expert planning company, the happy couple can simply sit back, relax, and let their wedding planning process unfold in front of them.

Address: Billings, MT

Phone: 406-690-6057

Facebook: Love The Day Of

Instagram: Love The Day Of

Contact : Maddie

Katie Taylor Events is a fabulous choice of wedding planner located in Billings, with a great local reputation when it comes to the high quality events that owner and operator Katie has under her belt. Katie Taylor Events offers several tiers of services, including hourly consultations, “just the day” coordination, and “concept to completion” full-service planning. With this wide range of potential services for which Katie can be hired, Katie Taylor Events offers a truly bespoke wedding planning process that moves forward in accordance with the exact specifications and desires of the soon-to-be-married couples with whom she collaborates.

Address: Billings, MT

Phone: 406-304-2669

Facebook: Katie Taylor Events

Instagram: Katie Taylor Events

Contact : Katie

Off the Beaten Path Wedding is one of the most sought after wedding planning outlets to be found within and around Billings, a locally loved company with a track record of excellence across the board. Off the Beaten Path Wedding specializes in destination wedding planning, with photography services included; outdoor weddings are the bread and butter of this planning company, with guest lists accommodated from 15 to 200 and remote locales from the meadows to the mountains to the rivers of Billings all easily accomplished. Full-service planning services include such offerings as a personal wedding planning portal and checklist, vendor recommendations, design and decor, day-of scheduling, and more.

Address: Billings, MT

Phone: 406-371-3771

Facebook: Off the Beaten Path Wedding

Instagram: Off the Beaten Path Wedding

Contact : Neal & Alicia

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Now that you and your partner have finished reading through our list of the top wedding planning companies to be found across Billings, Montana and beyond, we hope that you two feel ready to make a decision about whether or not you’re going to use the services of a planning company to assist with the finer details and nuances of your upcoming nuptials. Whether or not you feel you need a planning company to take care of your celebration, it is a fact that a planning company will help with the kinds of issues that you and your partner might not expect and might not have the industry expertise to solve so easily. So with that said, we recommend you schedule a consultation with your favorite company on our list and see if you might make a good fit! 

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