Jordana Snyder Photography

Jordana Snyder Photography is one of the most sought after wedding photographers to be found across the area of La Crosse and beyond, and this company is the perfect choice for any and all photography needs for a local celebration. The experience of working closely with Jordana Snyder Photography will include timeline assistance, professionalism from Jordana, and a helping hand throughout the entire wedding planning process. Mixing a series of light poses with organic and candid photography, Jordana Snyder Photography takes an approach to wedding photography that will result in an array of photos of diverse styles with moments and memories captured from intriguing angles, shining a light on the sheer romance and joy of the celebration.

Address: 115 5th Ave S STE 407, La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: 608-397-5854

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jordana Snyder

Emily Jean Photography

Look no further than Emily Jean Photography for a La Crosse-based wedding photography outlet with plenty of exciting amenities that will benefit brides and grooms as they plan their local wedding festivities. Emily Jean Photography offers conveniently compiled wedding packages beginning at the fair price of $3,299, a price which includes an engagement session in advance of the party, an online gallery of the digital images as well as the raw wedding files, timeline consultation to assist with the planning process, and two photographers present on the big day to capture every aspect of the celebration from multiple angles.

Address: La Crosse, WI

Phone: 608-780-1173

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Emily Branson

Delicate Beauty Photography

Delicate Beauty Photography is a lovely source of elegant and sophisticated photography for wedding ceremonies and receptions across the wonderful city of La Crosse and beyond. Delicate Beauty Photography creates wedding packages that are separated into categories including intimate weddings and elopements as well as full day wedding coverage for large parties. These packages include such amenities as eight hours of wedding day coverage, the option for travel and destination celebrations, a free engagement session, all digitally edited images ranging from 500-700 pictures, and print release rights. These packages begin at $2,400, though packages can be created to exact client specifications for a more bespoke process.

Address: La Crosse, WI

Phone: 608-385-3236

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Christina Rose

Placek Photography & Design

For a La Crosse-based wedding photography studio with great experience planning and executing wedding photography for celebrations both large and small, check out Placek Photography & Design. Placek Photography & Design includes a free 1.5 hour engagement session with all packages, which serves as an opportunity to get to know the soon-to-be-married couple and assess their desires and needs in advance of their upcoming nuptials. Placek Photography & Design has been capturing wedding celebrations in and around La Crosse for 12 years, and packages with this celebrated studio begin at $2,400

Address: 400 Main St Suite 300, La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: 608-797-6525

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Tim Placek

Ray + Kelly Photography

Ray + Kelly Photography is a certifiably excellent wedding photography company, owned and operated by Ray and Kelly themselves. Ray + Kelly Photography offers wedding coverage beginning at the price of $3,500, which entitles clients to the complete services of this photography studio, while the price of $2,000 entitles clients to services for small, intimate gatherings and elopements. Ray + Kelly Photography only accepts one wedding per day, ensuring that clients will receive the devoted attention of this photography outlet for their whole celebration from start to finish. 

Address: La Crosse, WI

Phone: 608-406-4056

Profile: Ray + Kelly Photography

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Ray & Kelly

Boxcar Photography

Boxcar Photography is one of the most excellent and elegant wedding photography studios to be found across the greater metropolitan area of La Crosse and beyond. When it comes to wedding photography services, Boxcar Photography offers “Master Coverage” beginning at $3,950 and “Intern Coverage” beginning at $2,950. Press-printed physical heirloom albums can be added to packages for a tangible memory of the wedding day that will last an entire lifetime. Boxcar Photography is based out of locations all across the country, including La Crosse, Denver, Minneapolis, and Nashville, and destination weddings across the entire world can be accommodated by these much-loved photography companies.

Address: La Crosse, WI

Phone: 608-498-9994

Social: Instagram

Contact : Ben

[v] imagery + design

For a wedding photography company owned by a professional photographer who knows all of the ins and outs of wedding celebrations, check out La Crosse-based business (v) imagery + design. (v) imagery + design offers a variety of wedding collections that compile multiple services in one convenient place for a seamless booking and purchasing process. These collections include such valuable amenities as eight hours of wedding coverage, timeline planning assistance, an online gallery of high resolution edited digital images, and print release to use the images as the clients see fit. Engagement sessions can be thrown in with the lump cost of a wedding collection as well for an additional amenity.

Address: La Crosse, WI

Phone: 715-533-1867

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Shawn & Heather

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Now that you and your partner have finished reading through our list of the very best wedding photography businesses to be found across the greater metropolitan area of La Crosse, Wisconsin and beyond, we hope that you feel armed with all of the information that you’ll need to make a carefully weighed decision about your wedding photography services for your upcoming wedding celebration. With all of these options available to you, we hope that the plethora of companies is not a hindrance or an intimidating display but rather an opportunity to come up with a mutual set of criteria with your partner and find an incredible photographer with whom you two feel comfortable. With all that said, we wish you two all the very best of luck with your continued wedding planning process!

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