Luis Quintana Studio is one of the most sought after wedding photography studios to be found across Franklin and beyond, a fabulous example of what a skilled photographer can do to preserve wedding memories forever in a series of unforgettable pictures. Luis Quintana Studios offers wedding photography and videography services, making this a one-stop shop for a variety of wedding day needs. The style taken with Luis Quintana Studio is best described as versatile, meaning that photographic and videographic coverage can range from sweeping and cinematic to simple and photojournalistic, depending on the hopes and desires of the soon-to-be-married couple with whom this studio collaborates.

Address: Franklin, TN

Phone: 615-495-1261

Facebook: Luis Quintana Studio

Instagram: Luis Quintana Studio

Contact : Luis Quintana

Look no further than MagnifyU Photography for a wedding photography outlet that can provide memorable wedding photos for a celebration taking place in or around Franklin. MagnifyU Photography offers a series of wedding packages that are easy to book and purchase, with prices beginning at $1,200 for the most simple package. More elaborate packages include such offerings as coverage for the entire wedding day, custom USB drive with all high resolution digital images edited to perfection, a custom print package and photo album, a complimentary engagement session, and two photographers present for the celebration.

Address: Franklin, TN

Phone: 615-300-6569

Facebook: MagnifyU Photography

Instagram: MagnifyU Photography

Contact : Chrissy

Winsome is a much–loved Franklin-based photography company best known for their incredible wedding photography services. Winsome offers several convenient wedding packages that make the planning and purchasing process a breeze with this photography company. These packages include such valuable amenities as a customizable wedding timeline, an online gallery for perusal and sharing, printing rights, the option to add a second photographer, and the option for rehearsal dinner photography. Packages start at $2,000, a price which includes six hours of coverage, though more hours can be added for an additional fee.

Address: Franklin, TN

Phone: 941-744-7801

Facebook: Winsome

Instagram: Winsome

Contact : Kate

Brandon Chesbro is one of the premiere wedding photography outlets in the greater metropolitan area of Franklin, providing excellent wedding photography services for celebrations of all shapes and sizes. Brandon Chesbro understands the importance of storytelling through images, capturing pictures in a linear format that will recall the detailed narrative of the wedding day through a series of effortless images. With services available for both destination weddings and local celebrations, Brandon Chesbro is a fantastic choice of Franklin-based photographer.

Address: Franklin, TN

Facebook: Brandon Chesbro

Instagram: Brandon Chesbro

Contact : Brandon Chesbro

When it comes to wedding celebrations, Peter Newsom Photography can help couples with the photography services so that the parties will be forever frozen in the form of digital images and print art albums. The values that Peter centers his business around are his family, his passion, and his faith, meaning that wedding celebrations are the perfect fit for his priorities; wedding celebrations provide Peter with the opportunity to celebrate another couple’s love for one another, their family, and their relationship with the world around them. This genuine connection between Peter and the soon-to-be-married couple will result in a series of truly beautiful wedding photos that will stand the test of time.

Address: Franklin, TN

Facebook: Peter Newsom Photography

Instagram: Peter Newsom Photography

Contact : Peter

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Now that you and your partner have finished reading through our list of the top wedding photography studios across Franklin, Tennessee and beyond, we hope that you two feel ready to make a booking with your favorite photographer among the batch. If you don’t feel quite ready yet, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with at least one, but preferably two or three, of these available wedding photography studios so that you can gauge whether your personalities will be a good fit when it comes to your party. You want a photographer whose style you simply love and whose demeanor will set you at ease on your big day. With all that said, we wish you loads of luck with your ongoing wedding planning process! 

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