One Life Photography is one of the most sought after wedding photography companies to be found across Myrtle Beach and beyond, a fabulous example of what a professional photographer can do to add dimension and sophistication to the coverage of a wedding celebration. One Life Photography is staffed by a team of photographers who take a photojournalistic approach to weddings; this means that the resulting images will document the event in a natural style that shows everything as it actually happened, with no poses or forced styles. One Life Photography also offers a photo booth in addition to the photography services, adding some lighthearted fun to a celebration taking place in or around Myrtle Beach.

Address: 3528 Evergreen Way, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Phone: 843-222-1352

Facebook: One Life Photography

Instagram: One Life Photography

Contact : Victor

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, PHV Photo is a fantastic photography company located in Myrtle Beach with an array of services provided to make wedding celebrations sparkle and shine on the page. PHV Photo does not limit its services to simply photography, since videography services are also available with this company, combining multiple services under one roof for maximum client convenience. Photography packages with PHV Photo include an initial consultation, an optional venue site visit, free travel up to two hours from Myrtle Beach, flash equipment for low light, backup gear just in case, and an average of 50-75 images per hour of wedding coverage with an online gallery available for four months after the celebration.

Address: 117 Mountain Ash Ln c, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

Phone: 843-742-2887

Facebook: PHV Photo

Contact : Pierre Valdema

For wedding photography services tending to the needs and desires of couples planning wedding celebrations across Myrtle Beach and beyond, check out local photography studio Kateryna Shved Photography. Kateryna is the chief photographer and owner of Kateryna Shved Photography, and her approach is grounded in a style described as “adventurous” and “genuine.” Packages with Kateryna Shved Photography include up to eight hours of coverage, 450-600 high resolution images delivered in an edited format in an online gallery, an engagement or bridal session included with the price of the package, and two photographers to capture the big day from start to finish.

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Address: Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Phone: 843-712-5070

Profile: Kateryna Shved Photography

Facebook: Kateryna Shved Photography

Instagram: Kateryna Shved Photography

Contact : Kateryna Shved

Paula Player Photography is a premier wedding photography company located in Myrtle Beach, bringing a camera and a candid photography style to wedding celebrations across the local area and beyond. Paula Player Photography has a reputation of high quality services highlighted by the dozens of events under her belt. For wedding celebrations in and around Myrtle Beach, Paula Player Photography offers services of all kinds, including hair and makeup styling in addition to photography to ensure that the bride-to-be looks her most beautiful in front of the camera on her big day.

Address: 3518 St James Ave, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Phone: 843-283-4796

Facebook: Paula Player Photography

Instagram: Paula Player Photography

Contact : Paula Player

Look no further than Ryan Smith Photography for a Myrtle Beach-based wedding photography outlet staffed by a professional photographer, Ryan, who lends his professional touch to wedding ceremonies and receptions across the local area and beyond. Ryan Smith Photography offers convenient wedding packages that range from one-hour beach wedding services to full-day packages during which the lead photographer will capture an entire wedding event from start to finish. For these wide ranging services that deliver high quality images to clients described as “clear, crisp, and pure color” as well as “black & white captured with the best lenses,” check out Ryan Smith Photography in Myrtle Beach.

Address: 2678 High Brass Trail, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Phone: 843-352-8640

Facebook: Ryan Smith Photography

Instagram: Ryan Smith Photography

Contact : Ryan Smith

Pasha Belman Photography is one of the most elegant and sophisticated photography studios to be found in and around Myrtle Beach, with the wedding services offering an artist’s approach to a ceremony and reception through photographs that will live on for years to come in an online gallery and photo album. Pasha Belman Photography offers an experience described as both “luxury” and “stress-free,” ensuring that the experience of working with Pasha will result in photos of the utmost elegance and sophistication while ensuring that the happy couple hardly has to lift a thumb throughout their celebration in order to receive the high quality services of this photography studio. Recognized by several major media outlets and wedding-centric publications, Pasha Belman Photography is a great choice of local wedding photographer.

Address: 1004 29th Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Phone: 843-333-5301

Facebook: Pasha Belman Photography

Instagram: Pasha Belman Photography

Contact : Pasha Belman

Few local photography companies can match the elegance and beauty on offer with Lindsay Mar Photography through a series of wedding photographs that speak to the romance of the event taking place in or around Myrtle Beach. Lindsay Mar Photography offers wedding collections that begin at $2,500, an affordable price that opens up the services at this company to couples of a variety of backgrounds and walks of life. Lindsay Mar Photography offers up to six hours of coverage, with additional hours available at an extra rate. Wedding packages with Lindsay Mar Photography can be customized to exact client specifications for a fully bespoke process.

Address: Myrtle Beach, SC

Phone: 843-467-9720

Facebook: Lindsay Mar Photography

Instagram: Lindsay Mar Photography

Contact : Lindsay Shaffer

Jeff Patterson is one of the most widely celebrated photography studios to be found in and around Myrtle Beach, with a roster of former clients who speak to the well regarded and high quality services received for their wedding celebrations. Established in 2015, Jeff Patterson Photography has quickly ascended the ranks and established itself as a premier photography studio in Myrtle Beach for local wedding parties. Jeff Patterson Photography offers collections that begin at $4,200, a price that guarantees a carefully curated selection of photos that speak to the romance and beauty of the wedding celebration with the services of two lead photographers staffing the event.

Address: Myrtle Beach, SC

Phone: 716-799-3494

Facebook: Jeff Patterson Photography

Instagram: Jeff Patterson Photography

Contact : Jeff Patterson

Brooke Christl Photography is one of the most locally loved and widely celebrated photography studios to be found in and around Myrtle Beach, with a variety of offerings for photography services at local wedding ceremonies and receptions. Brooke Christl Photography has experience capturing families in various states, with typical shoots including family portraits and newborn photography in addition to the high quality wedding photography services on offer. Brooke, the lead photographer, understands how to keep couples comfortable and at ease throughout a celebration, and she takes the time to get to know them as individuals and as a couple so that the resulting images will represent the wedding celebration as a unique party designed and captured with the happy couple in mind.

Address: 1310 Azalea Ct STE Q, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Phone: 843-685-9775

Facebook: Brooke Christl Photography

Instagram: Brooke Christl Photography

Contact : Brooke Christl

Few local photography outlets can match the high standard of quality on offer with Trisha McQuade Photography, a fantastic choice of photographer for a wedding celebration taking place in or around Myrtle Beach. Trisha McQuade Photography has received several honors as one of the finest photographers to be found across Myrtle Beach. With these certifiably excellent services on offer for local wedding parties of all shapes and sizes, Trisha McQuade Photography offers consultations in order to customize and individualize the process. Trisha McQuade Photography is staffed by photographers who “love celebrating love,” the perfect quality for a wedding photographer capturing an event that represents love in its truest form.

Address: 1901 Legion St, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Phone: 843-712-5747

Facebook: Trisha McQuade Photography

Instagram: Trisha McQuade Photography

Contact : Trisha McQuade

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Now that you and your partner have checked out this list of the top ten wedding photographers to be found across Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and beyond, we hope that you two feel armed with all of the intel you need to make an informed decision about who to hire for your upcoming celebration. No matter where your wedding is located or what style your celebration is, we’re sure that you’ll be able to come away from this list with a good idea of the selection criteria that you’ll use to evaluate wedding photography companies, and with enough time, energy, and perseverance, we’re absolutely positive that you’ll find the perfect fit in and around your local area of Myrtle Beach!

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