Mae B Photo

Mae B Photo is one of the most special wedding photography studios to be found in and around Youngstown, with luxurious and elegant photographic styles executed to the highest standard of quality. Mae B Photo offers a personalized and customized experience that favors a bespoke approach, meaning that the happy couple and all of their specifications will be observed and honored when it comes to the wedding coverage provided by the lead photographer with Mae B Photo. Wedding collections include an online gallery for seamless perusal of the available wedding photos after the big day, as well as a planning guide and timeline assistance in advance of the celebration to keep the process running smoothly. 

Address: 530 Ashley Ave, Youngstown, OH 44509

Phone: 330-986-0908

Social: Facebook

Contact : Maegan

Brianna Marshall Photography

When it comes to wedding celebration photography, Brianna Marshall Photography can do just the trick, providing a professional touch to the camera and ensuring a gorgeous rendering of the wedding day exactly as it occurred. Brianna Marshall Photography takes on a style and approach to wedding celebrations encapsulated by the following words: “romantic,” “lively,” and “bold.”  Brianna, the head photographer who owns this photography company, cares about the celebration just as much as the happy couple, if not more! This means that when working with Brianna Marshall Photography, local soon-to-be-married couples will be on the receiving end of the joyful enthusiasm that Brianna brings to each and every project she tackles. Packages with Brianna Marshall Photography begin at $2,400.

Address: 217 W Federal St, Youngstown, OH 44503

Phone: 330-398-6474

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Brianna Marshall

Anna Craig Photography

Anna Craig Photography is a wonderful photography studio located in Youngstown, providing local soon-to-be-married couples with unforgettable wedding photography services. Anna Craig Photography offers convenient and easy-to-book wedding packages that compile a variety of services into one place for a smooth and effortless booking process. Wedding photography packages begin at $3,300, while elopement packages begin at $2,500. On specific inquiry, a detailed pricing guide can be sent to clients in order to ensure that the services provided by Anna Craig Photography are in line with exact client specifications.

Address: Youngstown, OH

Phone: 224-221-5773

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Anna Craig

Jasmine Lea Photography

Look no further than Jasmine Lea Photography for a Youngstown-based photography studio delivering high quality wedding photography services for celebrations of all kinds. Jasmine Lea Photography is owned and operated by professional photographer Jasmine, who is thrilled to get to capture weddings for a living. Bringing an attitude of fun-loving enthusiasm to celebrations in and around Youngstown, Jasmine Lea Photography loves to capture images that make people lean in closer and look at exactly what is being captured. This approach will provide local soon-to-be-married couples with a documented rendering of their celebration, filtered through the eyes of an artistically-inclined photographer. Wedding packages with Jasmine Lea Photography begin at $3,000.

Address: Youngstown, OH

Phone: 330-301-1996

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jasmine Lea

Carlyn K Photography

Carlyn K Photography is one of the most sought after wedding photography outlets to be found across Youngstown and beyond, staffed by Carlyn herself, who brings an artist’s approach to every wedding celebration served in the local area. Carlyn K Photography takes an approach that favors individual connection, with consultations held in advance of the celebration during which Carlyn will get to know the specific couple with whom she collaborates. This means that the resulting photography services will take into account the unique specifications of her clients, while Carlyn will take a “documentary style” of wedding coverage that captures events exactly as they happened, without any forced posing. 

Address: Youngstown, OH

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Carlyn K

Amanda Goodin Photography

Few local photography outlets can match the high degree of quality and flair demonstrated by Youngstown-based company Amanda Goodin Photography. Amanda Goodin Photography captures events and portraits of all kinds, ensuring that when it comes to wedding photography, Amanda will take a well-rounded approach. Wedding packages with Amanda Goodin Photography begin at $3,000, and these packages include such key services and amenities as a complimentary engagement session in advance of the big day, a second shooter to capture all of the finer details of the celebration from start to finish, and the available purchase of print photo products and photo albums. 

Address: Youngstown, OH

Phone: 330-550-0254

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Amanda Goodin

Third Eye Imagery

Third Eye Imagery is one of the finest wedding photography outlets to be found across Youngstown and beyond, offering vital services that bear in mind exact client specifications for a fully bespoke process. Third Eye Imagery compiles several convenient products into a variety of packages that can be easily purchased and booked for an upcoming celebration; these packages include such valuable amenities as a bridal guide, an engagement session, up to eight hours of photographic coverage from the start of the ceremony to the last dance of the reception, an online gallery for easy perusal of edited images, and a photo product gift card, as well as full printing rights. Packages with Third Eye Imagery begin at $1,500.

Address: Youngstown, OH

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jenna

Ashley Rogers Photography

With the services of Ashley Rogers Photography, local couples planning their upcoming wedding celebrations in and around Youngstown will receive a sophisticated collection of images of their wedding party that speak to the lively vibrancy of the celebration as well as the romance shared between the happy couple at the center of it all. Ashley Rogers Photography has a roster of happy clients under her belt, and they resonate in a consensus that Ashley can capture events of all kinds with an eye toward the artistry of her images as well as a special care and attention paid to the little things. 

Address: Youngstown, OH

Phone: 412-679-4511

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Ashley Rogers

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Now that you’ve read through our list of the top eight wedding photography studios to be found across Youngstown, Ohio and beyond, we hope that you two feel armed with all of the intel you need to make an informed decision about your wedding photography coverage on your big day!

With all of these unbelievable studios available to call and have a chat with, we recommend that you schedule consultations with at least one of these photography outlets so that you can see for yourself what the offerings are and what you might specifically need for your unique and distinctive celebration.

With all that said, we wish you and your partner all the very best of luck with your ongoing wedding planning process! 

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