You dream of wedding photos that are modern and romantic. Get ready to relive your beautiful day when you look at your images from this Reno wedding photographer. Elsa is a popular professional who wants to document all the little interactions that make your connection special between your partner and your loved ones. Your wedding will mostly be documented from a journalistic perspective to capture the emotion-full moments with a hint of creative images. Elsa Boscarello Photography wedding collections vary; the grandest option includes 10 hours of coverage, a second photographer, a fine art album, rehearsal dinner coverage (3 hours), 750+ high-resolution images, low-resolution files, an online gallery, and an online slideshow.

Address: Reno, NV

Phone: 775-291-7470

Facebook: Elsa Boscarello Photography

Instagram: Elsa Boscarello Photography

Contact : Elsa

Trust this husband and wife photography team that believes every love story is epic and deserves to be preserved forever! As believers in the epic, once-in-a-lifetime, almost too-good-to-be-true love stories, Blanca & Brandon Photography want to make all your wedding photography dreams come true by capturing and preserving the authentic love you share. Their style is as bright, colorful, and joyous as you feel during your wedding day. The duo specializes in natural light, elegant posing, and authenticity between couples. Blanca & Brandon’s photos reflect you and the crazy beautiful love you share with your soulmate. Open up about your love story, and they’ll find a package that works best for you.

Address: Reno, NV

Phone: 775-360-6156

Facebook: Blanca & Brandon Photography

Instagram: Blanca & Brandon Photography

Contact : Blanca & Brandon

Amber Shore Pictures is owned by Kris and Ruta Swanson, a husband and wife team of professional photographers/videographers that love the art of visual storytelling for 11 years. These Reno wedding photographers strive to preserve the very essence of your life-changing moments. Get ready to live in the moment, enjoying every second, and knowing they will become memories. Kris and Ruta are storytellers, and they’ll love to have the honor of telling your love story in about 8 hours of wedding coverage, producing around 600 – 800 images. Additionally, your wedding gallery will be ready eight weeks after your wedding day, but you will get the preview in just a couple of days. 

Address: Reno, NV

Phone: 206-393-7778

Profile: Amber Shore Pictures

Facebook: Amber Shore Pictures

Instagram: Amber Shore Pictures

Contact : Ruta Swanson

Racheal is an award-winning and published photographer who has been in business for eight years. With the belief that taking photos allows everyone to capture some of their favorite memories forever. What’s more special than that? This Reno wedding photographer always wants her sessions to feel like an experience so that when you book with her, you get more than a quick session at a park. She has dozens of unique locations she has spent hours scouting, 20+ couture gowns for you to utilize, and prompts to give you the most natural and gorgeous images. Is it your priority to have an epic time while getting authentic and artistic photos? Got Photography is the perfect match! 

Address: Reno, NV

Phone: 775-303-8364

Facebook: Got Photography

Instagram: Got Photography

Contact : Rachel Wilson

Bridget McDonald Photography is here to document the big moments, but most importantly, pay incredible attention to minute details and moments close to your hearts. Bridget is the girl behind the lens 99.9% of the time. Specializing in wedding, elopement, and engagement photography, she loves getting to know the couples, from how they met, awkward first dates, who put the moves on who, and all that. This professional wedding photographer in Reno is very candid and driven. Not much saying “cheese” at the camera; it’s much more interacting with each other and getting one another to laugh. Many people refer to her editing style as moody because her tones tend to be earthy and subtle.

Address: Reno, NV

Phone: 518-573-0147

Facebook: Bridget McDonald Photography

Instagram: Bridget McDonald Photography

Contact : Bridget

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Congrats on finding your soulmate and saying yes to forever. Now you have to find a place to say I do! You also need to finalize the menu, the guest list, and the wedding gown. However, make sure you reach out to any of these Reno wedding photographers right away. The best often book years in advance, so if you have a date set in stone, inquire about availability first. Ask about wedding packages, prices, and other services such as photo booths, albums, or videography. Thanks to any of these wedding photographers in Reno, you will remember this special moment for the rest of your lives. 

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