You want to feel the emotions everytime you look at your photos, retelling your natural connection. These award-winning Bozeman wedding photographers provide sincere, narrative images that honor your love and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. They stick with you the entire time on your special day but partake in an unobtrusive approach, so you may “forget the photographer is there” as Charles Moll Photography captures all the smiles, tears, kisses, and hugs without missing a beat. More than just producing digital files, Charles and his team will work hard to provide something tangible for you that will make you smile for years to come. Every story is worth remembering, from engagements to elopements. 

Address: 9884 Happy Acres Rd W, Bozeman, MT 59718

Phone: 406-624-9247

Facebook: Charles Moll Photography

Instagram: Charles Moll Photography

Contact : Charles Moll

Amelia takes great delight in producing something that transcends a collection of images. This top wedding photographer in Bozeman crafts a journey that is, in her words, “wonderful, timeless, and fine-art photography.” Her passion for photography, which she developed when she was fifteen, has resulted in many happy re-lived weddings thanks to her pictures. From winter wonderlands to majestic mountain views, she loves going through this unique journey with you. With Amelia, all you need to do is enjoy, relax, and take everything in, from charming engagement sessions to amazing wedding coverage. Amelia Anne Photography will make the most of each moment so you can cherish your wedding forever. 

Address: 111 E Oak St #2a, Bozeman, MT 59715

Phone: 406-551-4700

Facebook: Amelia Anne Photography

Instagram: Amelia Anne Photography

Contact : Amelia Anne

Since 2009, Merissa has expanded her wedding, engagement, and elopement photography company, to which she has dedicated herself for over a decade. Her photography has a straightforward, natural, romantic, and entertaining storytelling technique. Every wedding, in her opinion, is an adventure that must be documented. Because sunsets are gorgeous, too, wedding coverage can go from morning until night if you desire. Your images include scenic areas such as the vast sky, paradise valley, and other beautiful spots of Bozeman. Merissa gives unique couples advice and location preparation for proposals. You’ll receive a premium wedding album along with an active web gallery from Merissa Lambert Photography.

Address: Bozeman, MT

Phone: 406-587-2996

Facebook: Merissa Lambert Photography

Instagram: Merissa Lambert Photography

Contact : Merissa Lambert

Mike is the master eye behind Greener Visuals Photography, which provides a variety of award-winning services. This wedding photographer in Bozeman specializes in candid, original wedding photography to honor your one-of-a-kind love. He starts by getting to know you and your particular needs before using only top-of-the-line cameras with exceptional zoom capabilities to document your special day. You’ll receive dozens of breathtaking cinematic premieres of your wedding photos, as well as imaginative wall decor. Mike and his team of pros are there for you whether you want to make a statement with your grand and stunning wedding photographs or if you prefer the precious moments to be shared between friends and families.

Address: 2958 Sourdough Rd, Bozeman, MT 59715

Phone: 406-531-5961

Facebook: Greener Visuals Photography

Instagram: Greener Visuals Photography

Contact : Mike Greener

Every moment is luxurious with 406 Photo, just as you dreamed your day would be. These Bozeman wedding photographers strive to provide only lovely photographs that will be cherished for years while having a joyful, stress-free experience. Create a custom timeline together so you can capture all the once-in-a-lifetime memories with stunning photography and epic videography. So that long after you eat the cake and clean up the space, you can smile and recall how grand your wedding was. Bruce, the creative talent behind 406 Photo, makes sure that your images are not lost in the digital void. You’ll receive gorgeous prints and wall-art options depicting the joy of your big day.

Address: 111 S Grand Ave Studio 215A, Bozeman, MT 59715

Phone: 406-600-7617

Facebook: 406 Photo

Instagram: 406 Photo

Contact : Bruce

Leanna takes pride in her work as a preferred wedding and engagement photographer. She is audacious and brave and employs chic techniques to record real smiles and genuine tears at your wedding. This recommended Bozeman wedding photographer is very skilled at capturing elopements and specializes in full coverage for complete ceremony and reception events. She fosters creativity by letting you and your future spouse express yourselves freely in your comfort zones. Leanna Joy Photography strives to be more than just a photographer by becoming a friend who lets you go about your day while she captures the special moments, such as killer dance moves, tears, and belly laughter.

Address: 280 W Kagy Blvd Ste, Bozeman, MT 59715

Facebook: Leanna Joy Photography

Instagram: Leanna Joy Photography

Contact : Leanna Joy

The creative minds of Orange Photographie are Reid and Samantha. They know that weddings are captivating and happy love stories set in spectacular venues since they have experienced them themselves. These professional wedding photographers make their editing as light as a feather and stick to natural lighting for your great images, taking care not to destroy the moment’s authentic aspects. If you’re wondering what to expect from Orange Photographie, the two have over 10 years of combined expertise in the field, so as soon as you inform them of your demands, they’ll make it happen to provide you with the picture-perfect wedding you’ve always imagined — forever.

Address: Bozeman, MT

Phone: 406-600-1559

Facebook: Orange Photographie

Instagram: Orange Photographie

Contact : Samantha

Trust a skilled photographer who delights in using poignant wedding photographs to tell romantic love stories. Jessie Moore Photography can guarantee you a documentary laced with lovely portraits, whether it’s a wedding or an engagement. She emphasizes stunning lighting, clear pictures, and a pivotal moment for the best results. Eloping couples are welcome in her studio, and she even goes out of her way to make their event memorable. You’ll receive gorgeous wedding images, an album made specifically for you, wall art collections and decorations, engagement portraits, bridal portraits, and more from this epic wedding photographer in Bozeman. Ask about custom packages so you can have exactly what you wish.

Address: 111 S Grand Ave #224, Bozeman, MT 59715

Phone: 406-396-2567

Facebook: Jessie Moore Photography

Instagram: Jessie Moore Photography

Contact : Jessie Moore

Sarah, the educated and experienced photographer behind Notarius Photography, is really passionate about people and their special days. She uses color and natural lights from the beautiful sun of Bozeman to produce the most enduring images of your unforgettable day. Since she feels that everyone is photogenic as long as they are at ease and in their natural state, this is what she aims for during picture sessions. With over 275 weddings and hundreds of satisfied clients, you can count on Notarius Photography to take the most beautiful pictures of your ceremony and reception, from the tears of joy to the wild dances.

Address: Bozeman, MT

Phone: 406-570-6241

Facebook: Notarius Photography

Instagram: Notarius Photography

Contact : Sarah

Fran, a passionate resident of Montana, adores the outdoors and loves to photograph weddings there. Because she believes that “you must risk it to get the biscuit,” she promotes a setting where couples can perform without restriction, which is risky for many other photographers. Fran Ze Photography has a playful aesthetic that is youthful and funky. Every moment of your wedding or engagement, from your first dance to your first kiss, is captured using beautiful and natural lights. Couples who are camera-shy can still take stunning photos with the backdrop of the beautiful scenery and their love story in the foreground. When using Fran Ze Photography, you have the appropriate lens and creativity for the task.

Address: 109 E Main St #2, Bozeman, MT 59715

Phone: 406-570-2890

Facebook: Fran Ze Photography

Instagram: Fran Ze Photography

Contact : Fran Ze

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Congrats on getting engaged, whether it was a surprise or a relief after years. Either way, you are about to plan a fantastic party to celebrate your love. Allow the best wedding photographers in Bozeman to capture your joy, commitment, and love. The best will get phenomenal shots of everything, from the subtle details to the stunning scenery. Photographers have different styles, editing techniques, and overall approaches, so check out the ones you like the best, and feel free to contact them. Wedding photographers often book months or years in advance, especially the good ones! Ask if your special wedding day is still available when you reach out, and inquire about packages, prices, and more. 

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