Emma Farr Photography is one of the premiere photography outlets to be found in and around Fayetteville, with the key services being the wedding photography. Emma Farr Photography starts out by sending her soon-to-be-married couples a 70+ page bridal guide featuring the kinds of tips, tricks, and suggestions that brides-to-be will love to use for their wedding planning process. Wedding collections with Emma Farr Photography begin at $4,200, with the services compiled in the package saved for a bespoke process in which Emma and her couples will figure out the exact needs and then build a package from the ground up with the couple in mind.

Address: Fayetteville, AR

Phone: 918-914-3563

Facebook: Emma Farr Photography

Instagram: Emma Farr Photography

Contact : Emma Farr

Laura Powers Photo is a lovely wedding photography studio located in Fayetteville, capturing events in and around the local area. Laura Powers Photo compiles services for wedding parties into several easy-to-book wedding packages starting at the price of $4,000. While this price places Laura Powers Photo relatively high on the spectrum of pricing, the services offered are simply out of this world. Coverage ranges from six to ten hours of coverage, with additional services including a second photographer, an online gallery of digital images in high resolution, print release for all photos, a night-of and day-after sneak peek of photos, a complimentary bridal or engagement session, photo albums, and more.

Address: 1732 N Rayview Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72703

Phone: 512-740-1661

Facebook: Laura Powers Photo

Instagram: Laura Powers Photo

Contact : Laura Powers

Kari Bjorn Photography is a moment-driven wedding photography studio in Fayetteville, Northwest Arkansas. Bjorn’s work revolves around color, spontaneity, and authentic narrative photography on film and digital. He is originally from Iceland and studied photography at Parsons School of Design in NYC. In addition to the hundreds of events and weddings he has covered, he has worked with brands such as Vanity Fair, InStyle, and UN Women. His personal projects have been exhibited on both sides of the Atlantic, most notably at Aperture Foundation in NYC and Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

Elopement Collection 1


2 Hours Photography Coverage

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Elopement Collection 2


4 Hours Photography Coverage

View details

Wedding Collection 1


6 Hours Photography Coverage

View details

Wedding Collection 2


8 Hours Photography Coverage

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Wedding Collection 3


10 Hours Photography Coverage

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Address: Fayetteville, AR

Phone: 646-525-9071

Profile: Kari Bjorn Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Kari Bjorn Photography

Facebook: Kari Bjorn Photography

Instagram: Kari Bjorn Photography

Contact : Kari Bjorn

Look no further than Striegler Photography for a Fayetteville-based wedding photography studio with ample services offered for ceremonies and receptions of virtually all shapes and sizes. Striegler Photography is staffed by a team of talented photographers who understand well that every couple brings a different set of desires and demands to the table; because of this, the photographers with Striegler Photography guarantee an approach that is truly bespoke, configured to the exact client specifications that will drive the style and the atmosphere of the event, captured through an intimate series of stunningly beautiful photos. 

Address: 2968 N. Hughmount, Fayetteville, AR 72704

Phone: 479-530-0445

Facebook: Striegler Photography

Instagram: Striegler Photography

Contact : Bryan Striegler

Freckled Fox Photography is one of the most sought after wedding photography studios to be found in or around Fayetteville, with its highly skilled services highlighted in a variety of national and local media outlets and wedding-centric publications. Certifiably excellent and rated as such by these publications, Freckled Fox Photography is a much noted Fayetteville-based studio, owned and operated by professional photographer April who lives in the heart of the Ozarks and is available to travel across the state and beyond for memorable wedding parties expertly captured.

Address: 3988 W Spring House Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72704

Phone: 479-530-7398

Facebook: Freckled Fox Photography

Instagram: Freckled Fox Photography

Contact : April Walsh

Lissa Chandler Photography is a fantastic photography studio located in Fayetteville, bolstered by a history of excellence across the board when it comes to the wedding photography services on offer. Lissa Chandler Photography offers convenient wedding collections beginning at the price of $5,350, and while this is a high price point for some couples, the amenities received for the price are out of this world. Amenities include complimentary bridal and engagement sessions, two photographers present for the big day, digital download of all edited photos with print release, and the ability to customize wedding packages to bespoke specifications for a more collaborative process.

Address: Fayetteville, AR

Phone: 479-502-4151

Facebook: Lissa Chandler Photography

Instagram: Lissa Chandler Photography

Contact : Lissa Chandler

Check out Joy and Light Photography for a Fayetteville-based studio with a great reputation for wedding photography. Joy and Light Photography can capture wedding parties across North Arkansas, Oaxaca, and beyond, telling all kinds of love stories through an elegant series of photos. Wedding packages with Joy and Light Photography begin at $2,700, while elopements start at $1,500. Amenities that come in these packages include six hours of coverage with more hours available, an online gallery for sharing and downloading, and a customized print shop to develop fine art items out of the resulting photos.

Address: Fayetteville, AR

Phone: 479-326-8856

Facebook: Joy and Light Photography

Instagram: Joy and Light Photography

Contact : Diana

Taylor Piva Photography is a locally adored photography studio capturing all kinds of weddings and events in and around Fayetteville. Taylor Piva Photography takes a creative tack toward weddings, prioritizing the sharp and the colorful, resulting in images that evoke a powerful rendering of the events of a ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner & dancing reception. Taylor Piva Photography has experience in content creation, digital marketing, editing, and studio work, all of which inform the creative and calculated approach to wedding photography that will result in indelible and unforgettable images to celebrate for long into the future.

Address: Fayetteville, AR

Phone: 620-778-5080

Facebook: Taylor Piva Photography

Contact : Taylor Piva Johnson

The wedding photography skills on offer with Aly England Photography are truly out of this world, with Aly taking a personalized approach to each wedding she captures. Aly England Photography offers a series of wedding packages that begin at the rate of $3,200, while elopements can be effectively captured in areas of the country spanning states including Utah, Nevada, and beyond. Favorite Arkansas venue locales include the Osage House, Fairlane Station, Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks, The Ravington, and other such venues with which Aly England Photography has a great relationship.

Address: Fayetteville, AR

Facebook: Aly England Photography

Instagram: Aly England Photography

Contact : Aly

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions across Fayetteville, Sarah Bentham Photography is a fabulous source of photography services. Sarah Bentham Photography takes a style grounded in Sarah’s journalistic practice, meaning that the resulting photos will eschew the typical styling and posing of a wedding, instead favoring a candid approach that captures the finer details, nuances, and interactions of a wedding party exactly as they happened. Sarah Bentham Photography only captures up to 20 weddings every year, meaning that couples will receive consistent communication and individualization throughout their wedding planning processes when working with this skilled photographer.

Address: 125 E Township St #7, Fayetteville, AR 72703

Phone: 480-390-7151

Facebook: Sarah Bentham Photography

Instagram: Sarah Bentham Photography

Contact : Sarah Bentham

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Now that you and your partner have finished up reading through our carefully crafted list of the top ten wedding photography studios to be found across Fayetteville, Arkansas and beyond, we hope that you two have come to a conclusion about the kinds of services you’re looking for in a wedding photographer as well as the studios on this list that check off all of your boxes. So if you know what you’re looking for and where to find it, we encourage you to make a booking and purchase with your favorite photographer on this list before they get booked solid. If you still aren’t absolutely positive, we encourage you and your partner to engage in a candid discussion about your needs, desires, and deal breakers, after which we’re certain you’ll end up with the wedding photographer of your dreams! 

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