Paula Davis Wedding Photography is one of the most celebrated and locally loved wedding photography outlets to be found in and around Auburn. With expertise that dates all the way back to 2008, when she photographed her very first wedding, Paula, who owns and operates Paula Davis Wedding Photography, can guarantee a studied and experienced eye behind the camera as well as a warm and inviting personality when it’s time for a break from the camera. Paula Davis Wedding Photography has a list of exclusively satisfied clients from previous wedding celebrations, and one needs to only look at the testimonials to see that Paula is a trustworthy choice of photographer for an Auburn-based wedding party.

Address: 2074 Felicity Ln, Auburn, AL 36830

Phone: 256-497-6578

Facebook: Paula Davis Wedding Photography

Instagram: Paula Davis Wedding Photography

Contact : Paula

When it comes to wedding photography services, Hannah Miller Photography truly takes the cake. Creating sophisticated and refined photos that contrast and play with natural light to generate a sweeping sense of romance and majesty, Hannah Miller Photography is a natural choice to hire for an Auburn-based wedding ceremony and reception. Hannah Miller Photography takes a style described by the adjectives “classic” and “timeless,” with an eye for the vintage, retro, and antique. Wedding packages with Hannah Miller Photography begin at $6,500, and the average spent for a bride-to-be at this studio is $7,400.

Address: Auburn, AL

Facebook: Hannah Miller Photography

Instagram: Hannah Miller Photography

Contact : Hannah

Blue and Blue Photography is a lovely wedding photography company based out of Auburn and run by professional photographer Nikki. Driven by the joy of capturing the little moments of connection and celebration between her own family members, Nikki with Blue and Blue Photography understands well that a wedding is all about the family, close friends, and loved ones, and how they interact with one another within the grand narrative, preserved through images, that encompasses the happy couple. Blue and Blue Photography offers convenient wedding packages ranging from $2,200 up to $5,500.

Address: Auburn, AL

Facebook: Blue and Blue Photography

Instagram: Blue and Blue Photography

Contact : Nikki Smith Warnke

Look no further than Sarah Van Hecke Photography for a talented photographer with an eye for the elegant and the romantic when it comes to wedding photography services. Sarah is the owner and operator behind the operations at Sarah Van Hecke Photography, and she brings a unique lens to each and every party she works on. Wedding packages with Sarah Van Hecke Photography begin at $3,900, and Sarah only works on a few weddings every year so that every couple she works with feels that they are being taken care of and paid individual attention throughout the planning process and leading up to the big day.

Address: 611 Apache St, Auburn, AL 36830

Facebook: Sarah Van Hecke Photography

Instagram: Sarah Van Hecke Photography

Contact : Sarah

Love Legacy Studios is one of the most sought after wedding photography studios to be found across Auburn and beyond, providing local couples with memorable photography services for parties of virtually all shapes and sizes. Love Legacy Studios offers easy-to-book wedding packages with services ranging across the local area and for destination weddings across the country and world. Packages can be personalized and compiled to exact client specifications, meaning that soon-to-be-married couples will only pay for the services they specifically desire, keeping costs down and keeping the process bespoke with Love Legacy Studios.

Address: 1776 Solamere Ct, Auburn, AL 36832

Phone: 334-672-1876

Facebook: Love Legacy Studios

Instagram: Love Legacy Studios

Contact : Cody & Haley

Few local wedding photographers can match the sophisticated studio offerings with ING Studios, a fabulous source of photography services based out of Auburn. The process of working with a photographer with ING Studios begins with a coffee date to gab about the wedding, continues on with an engagement session to get to know the couple a little better in front of and behind the camera, then develops with information, guides, and custom timelines created in conjunction with the happy couple. After all of this is accomplished, the road is paved for the wedding celebration to come, and then the resulting images are delivered in an online photo gallery for seamless perusal.

Address: Auburn, AL

Profile: ING Studios

Facebook: ING Studios

Instagram: ING Studios

Contact : Jennings & Tim

Haint Blue Collective is one of the most luxurious and glamorous wedding photography companies to be found in Auburn, offering up services that result in radiant and powerfully regal images of wedding parties in the local area. Owned by Kate Gwin, the photographer behind the operations, Haint Blue Collective offers services in the discipline of “hybrid photography.” Hybrid photography means that a photographer can either take digital or film photography, or both; while Kate primarily practices digital photography, she can work with a 35mm camera on a wedding day should a couple have that specific desire for that unique and colorful flair.

Address: Auburn, AL

Instagram: Haint Blue Collective

Contact : Kate Gwin

Check out T2 Photography for an Auburn-based photography studio tackling local wedding ceremonies and receptions of all atmospheres and looks & feels. T2 Photography starts its collections at $2,000, a fair price point at which packages start, and from there, couples can choose the specific services they desire for their day. At the end of the day, the client drives the experience with T2 Photography, creating their very own package through a consultation with the team members at this photography company and then receiving an individualized quote.

Address: Auburn, AL

Phone: 334-799-0171

Facebook: T2 Photography

Instagram: T2 Photography

Contact : Sarah & Thomas

Wedding celebrations photographed by Andrew Swindle Photography are sure to benefit from Andrew’s expertise and comfort behind the lens, a confidence that radiates throughout wedding parties and sets guests in attendance at ease while posing or simply while having a great time at the party. An Auburn native, Andrew with Andrew Swindle Photography has been photographing professionally for more than a decade, and with this practical industry experience under his belt, Andrew captures weddings with a style that is centered around the soon-to-be-married couples with whom he works, bringing a bespoke approach to wedding photography.

Address: Auburn, AL

Phone: 334-413-2943

Facebook: Andrew Swindle Photography

Instagram: Andrew Swindle Photography

Contact : Andrew Swindle


Nathaly Norman Photography

Most formally known as a traveling photographer based out of Auburn and available for local parties and destination weddings alike, Nathaly Norman Photography is an excellent choice of wedding photography studio. Nathaly Norman Photography is helmed by Nathaly herself, and she knows that the love that every couple shares is not something that can be carbon copied or learned through a textbook. She takes a feet-on-the-ground style, getting to know each couple and creating a photographic style that accommodates the vibe and the nature of the couple. Turnaround on wedding photos is about four to eight weeks, and couples will receive about 800+ incredible images.

Address: Auburn, AL

Facebook: Nathaly Norman Photography

Instagram: Nathaly Norman Photography

Contact : Ryan & Theo

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Now that you and your partner have read through our list of the top ten wedding photographers to be found across Auburn, Alabama and beyond, we hope that you two feel ready to move forward with your wedding planning process by hiring a photography studio to take on the photography needs for your big day! If you don’t feel quite ready to make this choice, we recommend that you two develop some mutual criteria and deal breakers for your choice of photographer, compare and contrast, and then schedule some consultations to see which of the available photographers might be a good fit for you two. With all that said, we wish you two loads of luck with the remainder of your wedding planning process! 

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