Milwaukee, WI

CIVAL Collective is a women-owned and operated jewelry store specializing in semiprecious, limited edition designs and custom wedding jewelry. Rae and her creative team create each piece by hand in their cozy studio. They will walk you through their stunning collection of custom rings and jewelry. If you don’t find something you like, they can take your ideas and create a bespoke wedding ring set based on the diamonds, metal, and settings of your choice. They love to be challenged and help couples showcase their love in unique ways. Fill out their questionnaire to begin working with CIVAL Collective to find or craft the perfect bridal jewelry for your wedding celebration.

Address: 911 W National Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Phone: (414) 394-0355

Facebook: CIVAL Collective

Instagram: CIVAL Collective

Contact : Nina Palacio

A Trio Jewelry is a fifth-generation jeweler that creates heirloom and one-of-a-kind pieces to help you celebrate your love on your wedding day and beyond. Amy and her husband Noah work together to bring you a vast collection of custom diamond engagement rings, men’s and women’s wedding bands, and other fine jewelry. You will work directly with Amy as she listens to your ideas and begins creating a bespoke wedding ring set that is perfect for your style and budget. They love seeing the happy expression on each couple’s face when they see their custom wedding rings that sparkle with their love. Check out their lookbook to see if A Trio Jewelry is the best choice to design your custom wedding rings and bridal jewelry.

Address: 215 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Phone: (414) 431-7112

Instagram: A Trio Jewelry

Contact : Amy Bern

Tasha Rae Jewelry is a custom jewelry designer specializing in hand-forged wedding rings and bridal jewelry. Tasha is inspired by old-world traditions mixed with contemporary themes to create jewelry that is timeless and is a perfect reflection of your love. She works with precious metals and stone and found materials to create unique pieces that are hand-crafted from start to finish. She will go over your design ideas with you and create something special for you from scratch or using your old jewelry. Book an appointment with Tasha Rae Jewelry today to have her craft a bespoke wedding ring set that you will cherish forever. 

Address: 3074 S Delaware Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207

Phone: (715) 574-8989

Facebook: Tasha Rae Jewelry

Instagram: Tasha Rae Jewelry

Contact : Tasha Rae

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Madison, WI

Address: 220 State St, Madison, WI 53703

Phone: 608-257-3644

Facebook: Goodman's Jewelers

Instagram: Goodman's Jewelers

Contact : John Hayes

Address: 550 State St, Madison, WI 53703

Phone: 608-733-7999

Facebook: Jewelers on State Street

Instagram: Jewelers on State Street

Contact : Jewelers on State Street Team

Address: 7058 Mineral Point Rd, Madison, WI 53717

Phone: 608-833-4500

Facebook: TQ Diamonds

Instagram: TQ Diamonds

Contact : TQ Diamonds Team

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