Lashes & Curls Studio

Nestled in the picturesque Key Largo, Florida, Lashes & Curls Studio is the epitome of bridal beauty perfection. Specializing in balayage, blonding, and lived-in color, this one-stop-shop ensures you’re pampered from lashes to nails. Their team of dedicated beauty professionals creates soft, low-maintenance looks tailored to your unique needs and goals. The studio’s welcoming space reflects their passion for hair, lashes, nails, and all things beauty. With a commitment to making you feel incredible, Lashes & Curls Studio is your go-to destination for wedding glamor in the enchanting Florida Keys. Your journey to bridal radiance begins here!

Address: Key Largo, FL

Phone: 305-440-3656

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Yara

Beauty & The Beach Hair

Embrace the enchantment of your wedding day with Beauty & The Beach Hair, the premier choice for wedding hair and makeup in Key Largo, FL. Their skilled team is dedicated to ensuring you radiate confidence and beauty as you transition from “will you?” to “I do!” Offering unparalleled support, attention, and celebration, Beauty & The Beach Hair goes beyond the conventional, with the owner, Mel, stepping into the role of your dedicated Maid of Honor for the day. Mel’s genuine connection with brides, paired with a passion for turning wedding visions into reality, makes Beauty & The Beach Hair a cherished part of your unique love story.

Address: Isla Morada, FL

Phone: 954-226-7849

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Mel

Florida Keys Bridal Team

Address: 150 Dickie Way, Tavernier, FL 33070

Phone: 561-289-2510

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Linda

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As your wedding day approaches, we hope this journey through Key Largo’s top wedding hair and makeup artists has left you inspired and excited about the possibilities that await you. Your love story is as unique as your fingerprint, and your wedding day deserves to reflect that individuality. With the expertise of these talented artists, your beauty will radiate, and your confidence will soar.

So, here’s to the magical moments that lie ahead, to the tears of joy, the laughter, and the breathtaking beauty that will surround you. May your wedding day be filled with love, and may the memories created in Key Largo be as timeless as your commitment to each other.

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