May Flowers

May Flowers, a bespoke floral design studio in Chattanooga, brings a fresh perspective to weddings and events. Founded by owner Christy Staven, a Floral Management graduate from Mississippi State University, May Flowers crafts stunning arrangements rooted in classical design. With over 100 couples served annually, Christy and her dedicated team turn visions into vibrant reality. From its humble start in 2013 to blossoming into a go-to wedding flower destination, May Flowers combines experience and passion. Christy, drawn to floral design during college, fulfilled her dream, establishing May Flowers as a premier choice for couples seeking exquisite floral touches on their special day.

Address: 800 N Market St, Chattanooga, TN 37405

Phone: 423-486-5320

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Christy Staven

Lang Floral Designs

Lang Floral Designs stands out as a premier wedding florist and event designer in Chattanooga. Specializing in custom-designed florals, they operate efficiently as a studio-based service, focusing on the unique visions of each couple. Stephanie Lang, the owner and lead florist, infuses passion into every creation. With a responsive and easy-going approach, Lang Floral Designs ensures a stress-free experience for couples, making wedding dreams a reality. From bouquets to ceremony installations and beyond, their expertise extends to event design, day-of coordination, and rentals. Stephanie’s commitment to excellence and personalized service makes Lang Floral Designs a standout choice for couples seeking exceptional wedding florals.

Address: Chattanooga, TN

Phone: 423-584-3021

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Stephanie

Fox & Fern Botanical Styling

Fox & Fern Botanical Styling, a fine art florist in Chattanooga, crafts whimsically designed florals with love and attention to detail. Established in 2015, their modern designs set them apart in the wedding floristry scene. Whether you’re launching a business, transforming a hobby, or sharing a creative project, Fox & Fern understands the importance of storytelling. Hand-picking blooms with care, they ensure each arrangement reflects the unique essence of your special day. Elevate your wedding with their exquisite floral creations that go beyond the ordinary, making Fox & Fern Botanical Styling a standout choice for couples seeking a touch of modern elegance.

Address: 807 Chestnut St, Chattanooga, TN 37402

Phone: 423-902-2009

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Liza Greever

Petal Pushers Floral Design

Petal Pushers Floral Design, an urban flower farm and design studio in Chattanooga, brings a touch of New York flair to the scenic landscapes of Tennessee. Founded by a seasoned designer with roots in NY and experience in Las Vegas, Petal Pushers offers a unique blend of glamour and creativity in floral arrangements. Specializing in weddings and events, they strive to deliver the finest flowers and innovative decor for every occasion in Chattanooga and beyond. Whether you’re dreaming of elaborate bouquets or stunning centerpieces, Petal Pushers Floral Design promises to infuse your special day with exquisite blooms and artistic flair.

Address: 8827 Standifer Gap Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421

Phone: 423-424-4321

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jacquie Brown

Joli Jardin Farm & Flower Shop

Joli Jardin Farm & Flower Shop, nestled in Chattanooga, TN, offers a unique floral experience marrying sustainable blooms and artistic design. Founded by Erin Leonard and Becca Coleman, the flower farm on Signal Mountain practices ethical and organic growing, supplying the storefront at 1263 Market St. The European-style market allows customers to create their bouquets or choose from their curated selection. With a bustling flower farm, quirky flower trucks, and a vibrant storefront, Joli Jardin brings a touch of nature’s beauty to weddings. The team is dedicated to crafting unforgettable floral styles that resonate with each couple’s vision and add a touch of wow to their special day.

Address: 1263 Market St, Chattanooga, TN 37402

Phone: 423-206-9980

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Becca & Erin

Thicket Creative

Thicket Creative, led by the artistic Evan, brings over a decade of floral design expertise to Chattanooga, and beyond. A seasoned artist with a background in fine art, Evan infuses weddings with unique, non-traditional designs that reflect each couple’s personality. Specializing in sourcing blooms from local growers and promoting sustainability, Thicket Creative prioritizes fresh, seasonal flowers. Evan offers full-service wedding packages and smaller options, ensuring a personalized touch for every event. With a commitment to celebrating diverse love stories, Thicket Creative stands out in crafting ephemeral floral arrangements that capture the essence of each couple’s journey.

Address: Chattanooga, TN

Social: Instagram

Contact : Evan Leggoe

The Clay Pot

The Clay Pot, led by the imaginative Joe Jumper, has been inspiring Chattanooga for over 31 years. Known for creativity, imagination, and a classic touch, Joe and his team, The Clay Potters, bring visions to life. From single fresh flower orders to grand weddings, their adaptability sets new standards. Joe, dubbed an “Imagineer,” works tirelessly to make dreams reality within any budget. The Clay Potters, the unsung heroes, form a close-knit family ensuring every detail shines. With a legacy of inspired floral designs, The Clay Pot continues to weave magic into weddings, events, and special occasions, leaving lasting impressions.

Address: 1311 Hanover St, Chattanooga, TN 37405

Phone: 423-265-2007

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Joe Jumper

Petaline Floral

Petaline Floral, based in Chattanooga, is a design studio passionately dedicated to crafting unique wedding florals and intentional event designs. Led by the talented Kaitlin Zermeno, Petaline goes beyond geographic bounds, having adorned weddings from Tennessee to Colorado. Kaitlin’s journey from a flower shop job to a floral artist reflects her love for storytelling through blossoms. Specializing in fine art design, Petaline’s florals are described as romantic and organic, drawing inspiration from nature. Whether it’s meticulously curated event designs, enchanting florals, or purposeful styling, Petaline Floral weaves your love story into every petal, adding a touch of romance to your special day.

Address: Chattanooga, TN

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kaitlin Zermeno

Humphreys Flowers

With roots dating back to 1934, Humphreys Flowers stands as a cherished family-run establishment in Chattanooga. Founded by Alice and Horace Humphreys, the business started as a modest flower stand at a local farmer’s market. Over the years, it evolved into a full-fledged store at 8th and Cherry Streets and later found its current home at 1220 McCallie Avenue in 1986. Passing through generations, Helen Cheek, now at the helm, continues the legacy of providing high-quality flowers, plants, and gifts. Humphreys Flowers, nurtured by a passion for blooms, remains a prestigious choice for weddings, events, and special occasions in Chattanooga.

Address: 1220 McCallie Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37404

Phone: 423-629-2525

Social: Instagram

Contact : Humphreys Flowers Team

Flowers By Gil And Curt

Since 1990, Flowers By Gil & Curt has graced Chattanooga with timeless floral elegance. Founded by Curt Hodge and Gil Cartwright, this dynamic duo quickly became the city’s most beloved design team. Renowned for crafting one-of-a-kind bridal bouquets, wedding ceremony flowers, and centerpieces, Flowers By Gil & Curt is synonymous with unparalleled quality and trusted expertise. Their commitment to creating beautiful floral designs that perfectly represent each occasion has made them Chattanooga’s most cherished florist. With a legacy of exceptional customer experiences, Gil and Curt continue to captivate couples, ensuring that every wedding is adorned with the finest botanical artistry.

Address: 206 Tremont St, Chattanooga, TN 37405

Phone: 423-756-8603

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Gil

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