Black Tie Celebrations is one of the most sought after wedding DJ companies in and around Wichita, staffed up by a crew of invaluable team members who collaborate to create incredible bespoke playlists and deliver emcee services for weddings. DJ offerings with Black Tie Celebrations grouped together into packages that can be easily booked and purchased, and these packages include such items as four hours of coverage throughout the reception, customized online planning, unlimited consultations in advance of the upcoming celebration, dance floor lighting, and a dedicated emcee on the day of the wedding.

Address: Wichita, KS

Phone: (316) 519-3335

Facebook: Black Tie Celebrations

Contact : Sean Prolago

With the services of All World Entertainment, wedding celebrations across Wichita and beyond will receive some of the best DJ offerings on the market. DJ services aren’t the only things offered at All World Entertainment, as bookings include such amenities as photo booths, limousine services, and much more. All of these contributions will create an indelible party atmosphere that will permeate throughout the entire event, from the uplighting to the dance music to the emcee speeches. Consultations can be easily scheduled by appointment in advance of a booking to make sure that All World Entertainment will be a good fit.

Address: 1510 West Douglas, Wichita, KS 67203

Phone: (316) 202-2075

Facebook: All World Entertainment

Instagram: All World Entertainment

Contact : Scott Hays

Absolute Sound DJ is a DJ company based out of Wichita, providing unforgettable DJ services for wedding celebrations of all shapes, sizes, and styles across the local area and beyond. With over 20 years in business, Absolute Sound DJ is the brainchild of Ryan Funck, who has collected a bevy of honors and accolades for his services as a DJ from various prestigious media outlets and wedding-focused publications. With this track record of excellence, Ryan with Absolute Sound DJ is a veritable guarantee of bespoke service, from playlist curation to emcee services. Photo booth rentals, architectural lighting design, event drapery, monogram design and presentation, video production, and ceremony audio can also be booked with Absolute Sound DJ.

Address: Wichita, KS

Phone: (316) 239-7993

Facebook: Absolute Sound DJ

Contact : Ryan Funck

With 20 years of DJ experience and tons of weddings under their belt, the team of entertainers and business leaders at ARM Entertainment are some of the best around Wichita and beyond. Tackling everything from intimate gatherings of 50 to giant bashes of 500 guests, ARM Entertainment offers both DJ services and emcee services as well as photography and photo booth rentals, making the services at ARM Entertainment wide-ranging and easily bookable for ultimate client convenience. Custom lighting can be booked with ARM Entertainment as well, adding to the party atmosphere and lending the reception room a look of utter elegance and whimsy.

Address: 10100 W. Maple St., Suite 300, Wichita, KS 67209

Phone: (316) 361-3611

Facebook: ARM Entertainment

Contact : Alex

Look no further than Signature DJ for lively DJ and emcee services for wedding celebrations across Wichita. Reception services booked with Signature DJ entitle clients to six hours total of services with no charge for setup and tear-down. Included with bookings with Signature DJ are such services as custom party lighting, complete music library, sound system with state of the art technological equipment, and so much more. The experience with Signature DJ is catered to the exact specifications of the couples with whom the team at this DJ company collaborates, meaning that the playlists, emcee style, and ambience of the event are all dictated by the artistic preferences of the clients.

Address: 1603 S Decker, Wichita KS 67235

Phone: (316) 305-9122

Facebook: Signature DJ

Contact : Josh Vanburkleo

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You know that a wedding DJ can transform a party and turn it into something special that guests in attendance will all remember. So what’s stopping you from reaching out to one of the incredible options for a wedding DJ on this list and establishing a line of communication? Try gauging their availability for your upcoming wedding weekend and see if you can get your booking in before the wedding season ends up taking all of the best options out of commission. With all that said, we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading through this list of the very best wedding DJs in and around Wichita, and we wish you the very best of luck with your continued wedding planning process as you start to line up your evening and flesh out the details of your reception!

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