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Bridge Road Bistro & Catering is a Charleston-favorite – a wedding caterer and restaurant serving up some of the most delicious and homey cuisine to be found across the metropolitan area. With 20 years of catering experience, Bridge Road Bistro & Catering is helmed by Chef Joshua Reedy, who can assist couples in creating a menu that is built upon exact client specifications, making the planning process fully bespoke and individualized with this catering company. The team of professional staff members who work at Bridge Road Bistro & Catering are happy to generate custom menus as well as event planning services, an incredible amenity for couples looking to find multiple services under one roof.

Address: 915 Bridge Rd, Charleston, WV 25314

Phone: 304-720-3500

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Contact : Sandy

Thyme After Time Catering is one of the most sought after wedding catering companies to be found across Charleston and beyond, with its event planning and catering services helping couples across the local area with their wedding planning processes as well as the services required on the big day. Thyme After Time Catering can tackle each and every aspect of the wedding planning process with confidence and ease, helping couples narrow down their options and get their party in tiptop shape. Thyme After Time Catering has good relationships with some of the most fabulous and elegant venues in all of Charleston, so simply schedule a consultation with this company for a better, more specific impression of their services.

Address: Charleston, WV

Phone: 681-205-2206

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Contact : Anthony Wilkins