Portland Catering Company

Whether your event is small or large, Portland Catering will take care of your food and provide amazing service. They will ensure your wedding menu fits your style and your needs and prepare delicious meals that will help make your special day all the more special.

Portland Catering also offers a full bar service for your wedding with a professionally trained staff that will serve your drinks. You can contact them through their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Address: 7800 SW Durham Rd. Suite 400, Portland, OR 97224

Phone: (503) 620-8855

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Contact : Eric

Reedville Catering

Reedville Catering has 30 years of experience behind them and through all those years, they have built a highly professional service. They provide menus based on fresh local ingredients that create the best taste for you and your guests to enjoy on your perfect day.

They have an event planner available to you who will ensure you get just what you want. And Reedville Catering offers a long list of preferred venues you can choose from for your wedding. Contact them through their website or Facebook page for additional information.

Address: 2975 SE Cornelius Pass Road Suite D, Portland, OR 97123

Phone: (503) 642-9898

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Contact : Rick

Crave Catering

If you want a truly unique culinary experience, then Crave Catering is a perfect choice for you. They will create a menu unique to you, from a casual style BBQ to an elegant meal that looks straight from a high-end restaurant.

Crave Catering was born 4 years ago out of a small Taqueria and has continued to thrive. They love food and the planet, and they aim to create beautifully presented dishes that show respect to every aspect of nature that went into them.

Their cuisine is Pacific Northwest, and they use ingredients from their own farm called Gather and Feast. Not only that, but they also aim to be sustainable at every level, with their no-waste policy and by donating leftover food. You can contact them through Facebook and their website.

Address: 1324 SE 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Phone: (503) 224-0370

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Contact : Mark

Premiere Catering

Premiere Catering is a buffet caterer with a stunning reputation in the business and a few decades under its belt. They are proud of their fresh and vibrant flavors that are incorporated in any dish making sure it is as tasty as possible.

On-site catering is their specialization. They will come to whatever location you choose and provide the perfect meal for you and your guests at affordable prices. There are hundreds of happy clients they have catered for. They also offer a bar service for your event. Contact them through their website to book your tasting date or write to them on Facebook with any additional questions.

Address: 432 S.E. Umatilla Street, Portland, OR 97202

Phone: (503) 235-0274

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Contact : Tomas

Hoda's Lebanese Restaurant and Catering

As their name suggests, Hoda’s cuisine is mainly middle eastern. With fresh ingredients mixed with amazing spices, you can rest assured that your menus will be absolutely delicious. Every recipe is unique to them as Hoda has developed it on her own, which means you will get a unique experience at every level.

They have over 20 years of experience, and through the years, they have developed meals that are not only middle eastern. They also offer BBQ, Mexican food as well as Northwest cuisine. They prepare every part of a dish on-site, and the ingredients are locally sourced.

With over 10,000 events under their belt, Hoda’s Lebanese Restaurant and Catering is one of the best in business, maintaining a high level of professionalism. You can contact them through their website or their Facebook page.

Address: 3401 SE Belmont st, Portland, OR 97214

Phone: (503) 236-8325

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Contact : Hoda

Divine Catering

From 10 to 1000 guests, Divine Catering will be there for your event. They are fully licensed and trained to create an absolute success of your wedding. Open since 2008, they have grown quickly into a successful business thanks to determination and love for food.

Their chef has over 21 years of experience, and she is also the owner of the company. They also have a catering coordinator that will make sure your menu fits your needs, and it is within your budget.

Divine Catering offers a wide number of wedding packages, ranging from a basic starting to a divine package. There are also special packages, like family-style packages. You can read amazing client testimonials on their website, where you can also contact them or visit their Facebook page.

Address: 16285 SW 85th Ave. Suite 101, Portland, OR 97224

Phone: (503) 347-7783

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Contact : Alisa

Elephants Catering and Events

Having incredible 40 years of experience, Elephants Catering and Events knows exactly what is needed for a perfect meal. They are a pioneer of specialty food stores in Portland, being the first one to open.

They are proud of their sustainability practices, gaining the title of a B Corp, which means they are a certified sustainability corporation that controls waste and emissions.

Elephants Catering and Events will provide catering for any size event. All their menus are based on their own recipes, and they have an incredible offer of seasonal specialty dishes. They are also working along with other Portland wedding vendors and are happy to help you along the way with needed information. Contact them through their website for more information.

Address: 700 SE Clay St, Portland, OR 97214

Phone: (503) 937-1099

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Contact : Elephants Catering and Events Team

Pearl Catering

Pear Catering brings you a taste of Portland through their carefully crafted menus and amazing dishes. This means their cuisine is Pacific Northwest, and their dedication to food is at the highest level.

They are operating since 2003 and are proud to say that they provide quality food every year and at every event. For your wedding, they will ensure that food looks as amazing as it tastes and it matches your style perfectly. You can contact Pearl Catering through their Facebook page or their website.

Address: 935 NW Davis St, Portland, OR 97209

Phone: (503) 765-8058

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Mark

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Now that you have this comprehensive list of Portland’s best wedding caterers, we know you are equipped to enjoy your wedding day to its fullest.

The only thing left for us to do is congratulate you and wish you an amazing married life with plenty of great food all around.

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