Buffalo, NY

Address: 325 Tacoma Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216

Phone: 716-873-4000

Facebook: The Buffalo Catering Company

Instagram: The Buffalo Catering Company

Contact : The Buffalo Catering Company Team

Address: 1 Robert Rich Way, Buffalo, NY 14213

Phone: 716-878-8422

Facebook: Rich's Catering & Special Events

Instagram: Rich's Catering & Special Events

Contact : William Kreiner

Address: 2095 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216

Phone: 716-877-9662

Facebook: Oliver's Restaurant and Catering

Instagram: Oliver's Restaurant and Catering

Contact : David Schutte

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Syracuse, NY

Address: 929 Avery Ave Syracuse, NY 13204

Phone: 315-479-6990

Facebook: Cathy's Corner Cafe

Instagram: Cathy's Corner Cafe

Contact : Cathy

Address: 427 Milton Ave Syracuse, NY 13204

Phone: 315-560-4896

Facebook: Chef Brian Isbell

Instagram: Chef Brian Isbell

Contact : Brian Isbell

Address: 5988 E Taft Rd, Syracuse, NY

Phone: 315-458-2514

Facebook: Bella Domani Catering & Banquets

Contact : Bella Domani

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Rochester, NY

Address: 1273 Chili Ave, Rochester, NY 14624

Phone: 585-752-2149

Facebook: Chef's Catering

Instagram: Chef's Catering

Contact : Michael D. Zazzaro

Address: 246 Winton Rd N, Rochester, NY 14610

Phone: 415-370-3052

Facebook: Root Catering

Instagram: Root Catering

Contact : Kristin Klock-Wattie

Address: 16 W Main St Suite 111, Rochester, NY 14614

Phone: 585-704-7291

Facebook: Sapori Catering

Instagram: Sapori Catering

Contact : Joe Gianvecchio

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New York City, NY

Dish Food & Events is one of the leading caterers of New York City, specializing in weddings and other special occasions. The team is committed to serving seasonally inspired food or cuisines with global influences. They create creatively catered events filled with innovation, expertise, and warm hospitality at every point. Apart from offering catering services, the team also delivers drop off catering, custom gift baskets, grab & go catering, and licensed bar services. Hire them and let the team make your big day a highlight of the year. 

Address: 196 N 14th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone: (347) 455-0077

Profile: Dish Food & Events

Facebook: Dish Food & Events

Instagram: Dish Food & Events

Contact : Ryan

Masterpiece Caterers is one of the most elegant wedding catering companies in all of New York City, with its services appealing to clients across the local area looking for a talented team of chefs to take control of the wedding dinner service. Masterpiece Caterers partners with venues including W Kosher Events at One Hanover Square, The View at Battery Park, and VIVO!, all of which can host glamorous weddings in a serene setting. Couples working with Masterpiece Caterers will receive services starting with a wedding party suite menu in advance of the celebration, beverages before the ceremony, cocktail hour canapes and hors d’oeuvres, and hearty dinner menus with entrees, sides, and a wedding cake in addition to passed desserts. Open bar service can also be provided by Masterpiece Caterers.

Address: 1 Hanover Square, New York, NY 10004

Phone: 212-269-2323

Facebook: Masterpiece Caterers

Instagram: Masterpiece Caterers

Contact : Gieto & Paul

Great Performances is a full service catering company providing elegant food services for wedding parties across New York City and beyond. When working with Great Performances, local couples will receive catering, beverage service, wait staff, venue selection, decor and design assistance, and more. For local couples planning their weddings and looking for a catering company to take charge of the wedding planning process for the dinner reception, Great Performances is an excellent choice of local caterer. Great Performances has won a variety of awards and honors from local wedding publications, ensuring that this company is one of the very best to be found in the region.

Address: 2417 3rd Ave. #300, Bronx, NY 10451

Phone: 212-727-2424

Facebook: Great Performances

Instagram: Great Performances

Contact : Liz Neumark

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