Celebrations Catering is one of the premiere wedding catering companies to be found in and around Manchester, with its convenient and effortless services adding to the smooth logistical flow of wedding celebrations in the local area while also providing a gourmet meal for each and every guest in attendance. Celebrations Catering offers full-service catering with prices based on a 100 person minimum, though this catering company can easily work on smaller celebrations of close family and friends. Celebration Catering offers both upscale, refined cuisine and BBQ culinary creations, making this a versatile and well equipped choice of caterer.

Address: 1017 Second St, Manchester, NH 03102

Phone: 888-401-3663

Facebook: Celebrations Catering

Contact : Fred Manheck

Great Events Catering is one of the most celebrated and locally loved wedding caterers to be found across Manchester and beyond, providing highly skilled culinary services that will result in an unforgettable dinner service at a local wedding celebration. Great Events Catering offers menus as a reference point, but the team of chefs at this company are beyond happy to offer couples a more bespoke process that can accommodate exact client specifications, dietary restrictions, and any other desires into a personalized menu .Great Events Catering offers full-service catering for Manchester-based parties, meaning couples can sit back and relax as the team of chefs and coordinators manage the catering needs of the party.

Address: Manchester, NH

Phone: 603-581-9022

Facebook: Great Events Catering

Instagram: Great Events Catering

Contact : Great Events Catering Team

Look no further than Tidewater Catering Group for a talented team of chefs who can execute a spotless and seamless dinner service at a wedding party in or around Manchester. Tidewater Catering Group organizes its catering services into breakfast menus, lunch menus, BBQ menus, hors d’oeuvres menus, dinner buffet menus, and bar menus. With all of these wide ranging menus available for purchase, the team of chefs at Tidewater Catering Group offer a versatile approach to wedding catering which can accommodate specific client needs or requests for a bespoke experience working with this trusted company.

Address: 250 Commercial St, Manchester, NH 03101

Phone: 603-668-6111

Facebook: Tidewater Catering Group

Instagram: Tidewater Catering Group

Contact : Keri Laman

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Now that you and your partner have wrapped up our list of the top three catering companies to be found in and around Manchester, New Hampshire, we hope that you two feel ready to proceed with your wedding planning process. No big steps are required of you, but we encourage you two to think about how you can use this list as an opportunity to start thinking critically about the kind of culinary services you want at your wedding, whether you want full-service catering or a more effortful approach. With time and perseverance, we’re positive that you and your partner will end up with an unforgettable dinner service at your wedding reception, and we wish you loads of luck on your road getting there! 

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