Billings, MT

Chalet Market is one of the most sought after wedding catering companies to be found in and around Billings, the perfect example of what a trusted caterer can do to add some sophistication and upscale refinement to the dinner service of a Billings-based wedding party. Chalet Market offers a variety of convenient services for wedding parties including mobile bartending services featuring local craft beers, wine, and champagne, catering services with full menus that include the finest meats spanning buffalo and elk as well as gourmet cheeses, and a variety of trays with delicious appetizers. Additional amenities created by Chalet Market include personalized party favors and welcome baskets.

Address: 327 24th St W, Billings, MT 59102

Phone: 406-656-6600

Facebook: Chalet Market

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Contact : Chalet Market Team

Check out Yellowstone Kelly’s Catering for delectable catering services provided to wedding celebrations across Billings and beyond. Yellowstone Kelly’s Catering offers a popular “carved buffet supreme,” featuring a slow-cooked prime rib, a charbroiled chicken breast with chardonnay leek sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, stir-fried vegetables, house-made salads, and sourdough dinner rolls. This incredible buffet is the classic option with Yellowstone Kelly’s Catering, but other menus feature heavier appetizers, picnics, breakfasts, lunches, and plated four-course dinners, keeping the options for catering style wide open for couples.

Address: 2323 Harnish Blvd, Billings, MT 59101

Phone: 406-245-2264

Facebook: Yellowstone Kelly's Catering

Contact : Yellowstone Kelly's Catering Team

Basil & Bloom Catering and Floral is a fabulous wedding catering company based out of Billings with a variety of cuisines provided for wedding celebrations of all kinds of sizes, shapes, and atmospheres. Basil & Bloom Catering and Floral combines, as the name implies, catering services and floral design services into one easy place for clients to work with. Menus created by Basil & Bloom Catering and Floral include cold and hot appetizers, party platters, mains featuring beef, chicken, pork, fish, and vegetables, pastas, potato sides, salads, casseroles, and a wide variety of desserts.

Address: 5535 Lester Ln, Shepherd, MT 59079

Phone: 406-671-2371

Facebook: Basil & Bloom Catering and Floral

Instagram: Basil & Bloom Catering and Floral

Contact : Melissa Walsh

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