Saint Paul, MN

Address: 1494 Dale St N Saint Paul, MN 55117

Phone: 651-488-0971

Facebook: TST Creative Catering

Instagram: TST Creative Catering

Contact : Rhonda Pape

Address: 1342 Grand Avenue Saint Paul, MN, 55105

Phone: 651-203-3100

Facebook: Green Mill Catering

Instagram: Green Mill Catering

Contact : Charlie Spanier

Address: 1560 Payne Ave #3219, St Paul, MN 55130

Phone: 651-482-9005

Facebook: Kane's Catering

Instagram: Kane's Catering

Contact : Jerry Kane

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Minneapolis, MN

Open since 2014, Food Gallery Catering is a local, woman-owned & operated boutique catering service. Using decades of catering industry experience, their experts bring their passion, skills, and creativity to craft a surprising and inspired menu based on your wedding theme, aesthetic, and inspirations. The team will also work with you to choose a serving style that best suits your guest list and your menu. For more information, contact them over the phone or via email.

Address: 4279 Sheridan Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410

Phone: (612) 747-2585

Social: Food Gallery Catering

Contact : Sarah

Committed to providing the most stunning experience possible for all couples, Fabulous Catering is a brilliant local catering option for weddings in the Minneapolis area. With an emphasis on fresh ingredients, high-quality, and professional services, the team is dedicated to delivering as stunning and delicious food experiences as possible. Their chefs use local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients to ensure a fresh and organic flavor. They specialize in Japanese and Italian food and are committed to creating delicious, unforgettable meals that will have your guests talking for months! 

Address: 2900 13th Avenue S., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407

Phone: (612) 789-4244

Social: Fabulous Catering

Contact : Fabulous Catering Team

Known for offering full-service, eco-friendly catering, Common Roots Catering is one of the best options for couples looking for delicious food made from scratch using local, organic, premium quality, and fair-trade ingredients. In operation since 2007, they have been striving to craft innovative menus of seasonal offerings. Their bakery and kitchen staff begin their process from scratch every day, making sure to provide local and fresh flavors worthy of your special celebrations. Whatever your wedding theme or style, the catering team will provide full assistance from starting to end to make your wedding successful.

Address: 2558 Lyndale Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55405

Phone: (612) 353-4261

Social: Common Roots Catering

Contact : Common Roots Catering Team

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