Fire and Company

Fire and Company is one of the most sought after wedding catering companies to be found in and around Portland, providing luxurious culinary delights for wedding parties of all shapes and sizes. Fire and Company was originally established in 2013, and with almost a decade under their belt, the team of caterers and wedding specialists at this catering company are experienced when it comes to creating special and one-of-a-kind catering menus for their soon-to-be-married clients. Fire and Company cooks up hors d’oeuvres, fresh salads, meaty entrees, and beverages including craft beer sourced from Maine, spirits, and wine.

Address: 1706 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04103

Phone: 207-299-6995

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Fire and Company Team

The Black Tie Company

Look no further than The Black Tie Company for a trusted source of wedding catering services, perfect for events both large and small across Portland. The Black Tie Company offers customized wedding catering that is uniquely created for each and every client, with meals that are reliant upon local and sustainable produce, artisan and handcrafted materials, and bespoke services that draw upon client guidance to create a fabulous wedding day menu. Additional services provided by The Black Tie Company include wedding planning, wedding design, and access to some of the finest venues along the Maine coast and within the sprawling countryside just inland of Portland.

Address: 1 Union Wharf, Portland, ME 04101

Phone: 207-761-6665

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Contact : The Black Tie Team

The Maine LobsterBake Co

The Maine LobsterBake Co is an incredible choice of caterer for a Portland-based wedding celebration looking to celebrate that classic Maine cuisine for which the local area is so famous: lobster. Presentations of the cuisine created by The Maine LobsterBake Co can come as a plated dinner or as a family style dinner, with the option to add hors d’oeuvres to the culinary experience. The team of staff members who man the team at The Maine LobsterBake Co can also help couples with a variety of wedding day necessities, including sourcing venues, renting equipment, choosing the decor and floral design, and creating a menu that hews closely to client expectations.

Address: 416 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101

Phone: 207-828-6374

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Courtney

Bread + Butter Catering

Bread + Butter Catering is one of the premiere wedding catering outlets within the greater metropolitan area of Portland, a wonderful choice of caterer for a wedding hoping to showcase upscale and refined cuisine. With a team of staff members who are uniquely dedicated to helping couples create beautiful memories and reflecting the romance and significance of the wedding day through the cuisine presented to each guest, Bread + Butter Catering is an excellent choice of catering company for couples looking for services that transcend simple drop-off catering; services include timelining, staffing, equipment rentals, and event coordination.

Address: 73 Main St, South Portland, ME 04106

Phone: 207-808-0573

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Katie & Josh

Bird & Co.

Bird & Co. is a Portland-based wedding catering company providing Mexican food for wedding parties looking for a more casual approach to the dinner service. Providing such delightful comfort food offerings as taco platters and build-you- own-taco bars as well as the option for full-service catering, a food truck at the big event, or a private event held within the restaurant itself for up to 40 seated guests, Bird & Co. is a great source for multiple convenient services and amenities related to the facilitating of wedding parties. 

Address: 539 Deering Ave, Portland, ME 04103

Phone: 207-747-4056

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Bird & Co. Team

Lady Shuckers

For a wedding celebration decked out a luxurious and towering raw bar, check out Lady Shuckers, a Portland-based catering company that can freshly shuck and deliver the freshest and most delectable seafood to be found in the coastal area. Lady Shuckers takes advantage of the proximity of Portland to the gorgeous Maine coast, with all of its culinary delights of the sea. Scooping out the freshest seafood around town and bringing it to wedding celebrations of all shapes and sizes across Portland, Lady Shuckers is a trusted source of catering when it comes to raw bars.

Address: Portland, ME

Phone: 207-899-9121

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Contact : Lady Shuckers Team

58 Culinary

58 Culinary is one of the finest wedding caterers based out of Portland, bringing together local flavors and produce that speak to the beauty and heritage of the state of Maine. 58 Culinary is helmed by widely loved and celebrated chefs Matt Ginn and Colin Wyatt, who collaborate closely with their clients to deliver memorable wedding menus. Working with some of the most luxurious and elegant venues across Maine, 58 Culinary is a well-established catering company guaranteed to execute the finer details of a dinner service with confidence, ease, and a sense of upscale refinement. 

Address: 170 Ocean St, South Portland, ME 04106

Phone: 207-653-9966

Social: Instagram

Contact : Matt & Colin

O' Oysters

Check out O’ Oysters for a Portland-based catering company perfectly equipped to bring the culinary specialty of freshly shucked raw oysters to wedding parties across the local area and beyond. O’ Oysters offers easy-to-book wedding packages that compile multiple services into one easy spot for booking and purchasing. These packages include such amenities as a mobile oyster bar, varieties of oyster presentation including lemon juice, cocktail sauce, mignonette, and hot sauce, and the option to accommodate a food festival setup or a street sale setup. With these flexible offerings, O’ Oysters is the ideal Portland-based caterer when it comes to raw oyster presentations.

Address: South Portland, ME

Phone: 207-632-7247

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Lucas Myers

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Now that you and your partner have finished reading through our list of the top wedding catering companies to be found in and around Portland, Maine, we hope that you two have a better sense of how to move forward with this aspect of your wedding planning process. Whether you feel ready to get a deal in writing with your favorite caterer or you simply are ready to start evaluating your options, we recommend that you and your partner sit down and discuss your impressions and ideas for your upcoming celebration. Once you two agree on what you’re looking for, the rest of the process of scouting out your favorite caterer should be a breeze! 

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