Fort Collins, CO

Address: 1232 W. Elizabeth St. Unit C-9 Fort Collins CO, 80521

Phone: 970-999-5917

Facebook: Juli y Juan's Kitchen

Instagram: Juli y Juan's Kitchen

Contact : Juliana Escobar

Address: 1801 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Phone: 970-567-9595

Facebook: Super-Natural Eats

Instagram: Super-Natural Eats

Contact : Super-Natural Eats Team

Address: 514 S College Ave Unit A, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Phone: 303-578-6343

Facebook: Get Plattered

Instagram: Get Plattered

Contact : Get Plattered Team

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Aurora, CO

Address: Aurora Colorado, 80014

Phone: (720) 434-6135

Facebook: The Crazy Caterer

Contact : Kim Velasquez

Address: 9905 E Colfax Ave Aurora, CO 80010

Phone: (720) 758-0550

Facebook: Miss Millie's Kitchen

Contact : Shawny

Address: 10607 East Dartmouth Ave, Aurora, CO 80014

Phone: (303) 750-0707

Facebook: Colorado Catering Company

Instagram: Colorado Catering Company

Contact : Colorado Catering Company Team

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Colorado Springs, CO

Summit Catering is a team of seasoned professionals known for offering incredible food and top-level services to all wedding events. They prepare all dishes with proper attention to detail and add special touches to make your wedding the best possible experience for you and your people. The team brings over years of experience to prepare their signature cuisines. Their chefs follow simple elegance and use the best ingredients and quality seasoning to perfect all the dishes they prepare.

Address: 1045 Lower Gold Camp Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Phone: (719) 229-6466

Profile: Summit Catering

Facebook: Summit Catering

Instagram: Summit Catering

Contact : Kyle

Fazoli’s Catering can make your wedding a success by serving fresh and quality food. They offer a wide selection of food, such as pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, and their signature garlic breadsticks to delight all palates. The team takes extra steps to ensure your health by using only fresh ingredients. They specialize in weddings and other special events. No matter your wedding needs or taste, they pack meals individually on your specific request. Apart from this, all the entrees are served with garlic breadsticks and include serving plates, flatware, utensils, and cups. Talk to the team to discuss other details. 

Address: 3607 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Phone: (859) 268-1668

Profile: Fazoli's Catering

Facebook: Fazoli's Catering

Instagram: Fazoli's Catering

Contact : Sentinel

Salt of the Earth Catering is a family-owned catering company, available for all catering needs. The team loves to make your wedding as special and unique as you are by reflecting your style through the menu. Both Patrick and Sherry are very friendly, and they can customize wedding packages as per your needs. Their staff and attendants are highly professional, courteous and offer a fantastic collection of food available at a reasonable rate. The team can mix and match various cuisines to give you a wedding menu without exceeding your budget.

Address: 5609 N. Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Phone: (719) 466-9004

Profile: Salt of the Earth Catering

Facebook: Salt of the Earth Catering

Contact : Patrick

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Denver, CO

Rocky Mountain Catering & Events is a chef-owned catering service in Colorado that cares about creativity, details, and flavors. They own a 6,000 square foot facility and have a dedicated team of 4 seasoned chefs. The team’s mission is to incorporate your love story and ideas into the wedding menu. They will talk to you about the floor-plan, linen samples, table settings, and level of service to deliver you a personalized experience. Also, they have a wide selection of menus to meet your specific taste or vision, including classic menu, rustic menu, mountain menu, and urban menu.

Address: 10525 El Diente Ct, Denver, CO 80112

Phone: (303) 216-0553

Profile: Rocky Mountain Catering & Events

Facebook: Rocky Mountain Catering & Events

Instagram: Rocky Mountain Catering & Events

Contact : Patrick

Founded by Jimmy Lambatos in 1981, Footers Catering & Events is a family-owned catering service based in Denver, CO. Anthony and April, the son and daughter-in-law of Jimmy, purchased this business in 2010. They cater to more than 600 events and feed over 75,000 people every year. Their award-winning chefs are committed to delivering fresh dishes cooked on-site using the freshest ingredients. The hospitality team ensures you feel like a guest at your own event by eliminating all the stress. Moreover, they can bring your culinary desires to life with their exclusive catering services, leaving a lasting impression on every guest.

Address: 4190 Garfield St, Denver, CO 80216

Phone: (303) 762-1410

Profile: Footers Catering

Facebook: Footers Catering

Instagram: Footers Catering

Contact : Anthony

Mountain Crust Catering is one of the most sought after catering companies to be found across Denver and beyond, with services providing an unforgettable wedding menu for a local party. Mountain Crust Catering offers classic wedding fare, with typical menu items including lamb meatballs, bacon wrapped dates, charred vegetable brochettes, a vast array of specialty pizzas, and so much more. Mountain Crust Catering takes a homey approach with menus that feel like classic home cooking paired with a refined touch and an artist’s eye. Mountain Crust Catering offers unlimited pizza, salads, and an appetizer, three hours of catering service, and a full staff prepared to prep, cook, and plate.

Address: 2000 S Dahlia St # 100, Denver, CO 80222

Phone: 720-515-0917

Facebook: Mountain Crust Catering

Instagram: Mountain Crust Catering

Contact : Ryan McLean

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