The brand has 13 years of expertise in serving elegant dining experiences with fresh ingredients and flawless customer service. If you still haven’t set up your venue, you can get the team to help you pick one. The team focuses on offering a culinary concert experience with gourmet dishes made from healthy ingredients. There are no temporary workers in the team, and the team takes pride in showcasing its staff’s expertise. You can also hire bartenders for your wedding day.

Address: 3035 N Maple St, Mesa, AZ 85215

Phone: (602) 628-1534

Social: Creative Hands Cuisine

Profile: Creative Hands Cuisine

Contact : Douglas

Tableside Gourmet offers different menu styles like the family-style menu, modern Mexican buffet, the sit-down plated dinner, hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, cocktail appetizers, etc. The chef is also open to accommodate any dietary restrictions like vegetarian or paleo meals. You can customize the meal based on your dietary restrictions, season, and more. The team can accommodate your requirements if they can source fresh ingredients for the dishes that you prefer.

Address: 7725 E Sheridan St, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Phone: (480) 748-8194

Social: Tableside Gourmet

Profile: Tableside Gourmet

Contact : Kevin

You can pick from different dining experience styles like a buffet, butler-passed appetizers, entertaining food performance stations, grazing stations, dessert bars, on-site cooking, plated dinner, and more. The team procures ingredients from local producers and uses compostable or biodegradable vessels and plates. If there are leftovers at the end of the party, the team volunteers to take them to the local fire department and charities. You can walk in to enjoy a small tasting and talk about your wedding requirements like the theme, restrictions, and more. You can also choose boxed gourmet lunches if you wish to keep your guests safe during the pandemic.

Address: 500 W. Southern, Suite 26-28, Mesa, AZ 85210

Phone: (602) 349-1208

Social: Straight to the Plate Catering

Profile: Straight to the Plate Catering

Contact : Sue

The team takes around ten wedding orders per year. You can choose between three options for your dining experience – plated dinner, buffet, or a la carte. Once you’ve chosen this, you can then choose from their menus options, which include their seasonal menu and the cocktails and hors d’oeuvres menu. Under seasonal menus, you can pick fall/winter, spring, and summer menus. The summer menu holds BBQ dishes. The spring menu has steak dishes, and the fall menu chooses fresh harvest ingredients.

Address: 1641 S Stapley Dr, Mesa, AZ 85204

Phone: (480) 420-4040

Social: Arizona Event Catering

Profile: Arizona Event Catering

Contact : Christopher

Aroma Culinary Catering offers full-end service, including everything from setting up the stations and dishes to cleaning up. You can custom-create a menu based on your preferences, guest lists, and budget. You can choose beverage services, a full bar, and other add-ons too. If you have not booked your wedding venue, the team will help you pick one. There are several menus on offer, so you can choose the one that looks the most delectable. You can choose from various stations like pasta or risotto, carving, gourmet tray displays, chilled seafood display, carpaccio bar, potato martini bar, wine bar, and street taco bar stations.

Address: 109 W Melody Dr, Gilbert, AZ 85233

Phone: (480) 720-2247

Social: Aroma Culinary Catering

Profile: Aroma Culinary Catering

Contact : Michele

As the name indicates, the business offers both catering and floral decoration services for your day. The team offers several menus, including Asian, Hawaiian, Italian, Mexican, seafood and steak, and more. You can also pick their traditional menu or tailor-make the entire menu with the dishes that you love. If you want to try a BBQ experience on your wedding day, choose the western catering menu. They also offer three alcohol packages. Furthermore, if you do not want to serve alcohol, you can pick the third option with soda and mixers.

Address: 522 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234

Phone: (480) 813-2544

Social: Lena's Flowers & Catering

Profile: Lena's Flowers & Catering

Contact : Lena

Artistic Touch Catering creates a tasty menu to fit your preferences, budget, and specific meal choices. You can also pick entertaining chefs. If you want to go simple, you can choose a BBQ with a curbside pick-up option. The team will offer you an event planner who will work hand-in-hand during your event planning process. The chef uses the best ingredients in the area to serve a flavor-rich meal. The team also offers rental silverware, china, and other tableware items.

Address: 54 West Main street suite 3, Mesa, AZ 85201

Phone: (623) 252-0798

Social: Artistic Touch Catering

Profile: Artistic Touch Catering

Contact : April

Mora’s Catering Company offers delicious home-made dishes for small wedding events. The team offers Mexican, Italian, and American dishes for the day. You can pick from a wide range of entrees, appetizers, and soups to create your menu. For an entertaining event, the brand also offers musical performances. This team is perfect for smaller weddings, as they only cater events with 100 guests or fewer. Fill in their inquiry form, and the team will contact you for more details and get the catering process started.

Address: 1013 W Hudson Way, Gilbert, AZ 85233

Phone: (480) 399-0221

Social: Mora’s Catering Company

Profile: Mora’s Catering Company

Contact : Gerry

Sidewalk Noshers is famous for creating personalized menus with barbecue, sushi, seafood, American, Latin American, and Italian dishes. Top menu templates are Passed Hors D’Oeuvres, Mediterranean, Cocktail Party, and American. Suppose you want to add some stations for your wedding. In that case, you can pick Gran Charcuterie Board (cheese, meat, artisanal bread, picked vegetables, and dried fruits), raw oyster and seafood bar, Spanish tapas and paella bar, Italian pasta station, carving station, nacho bar, taco bar, focaccia flatbread station, chicken and waffle cone station, mac & cheese bar, and waffle bar.

Address: Mesa, AZ

Phone: (480) 330-9731

Social: Sidewalk Noshers

Profile: Sidewalk Noshers

Contact : Gonzalo

Black Truffle Catering offers cocktail reception and wedding catering services. The brand also provides airbrushed cookies with your wedding pictures. They offer several menus for you to choose from, including a Southern Menu, a Fresh-American Fusion Menu, Hawaiian, vegan, Indian, and more. They also offer buffet options and themed menus. Themes include the 50s, Meditteranean, Bistro, Italian, vegetarian, and more.

Address: 500 W Southern, Suite 26–28, Mesa, AZ 85210

Phone: (480) 287-0616

Social: Black Truffle Catering

Profile: Black Truffle Catering

Contact : Michael

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A good caterer can help you create a diverse menu that caters to your personal tastes, as well as those of your guests. They will also be able to work around any food restrictions that you, your family, and your friends may have. 

Each of the caterers on this list has experience in the industry and offers both scrumptious food and great customer service. Regardless of which you choose for your big day, we know you’ll get value for money and more!

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