Boston, MA

Being the first botanical garden in America open to the public, the Boston Public Garden is considered to be one of the most picturesque spots that you can find in Boston. With its wide variety of plants, lagoons, fountains, monuments and swan boats, this botanical garden has a great deal to offer for the newlyweds who are planning to get their photoshoot done in a romantic setting.

Style: Botanical Garden

Address: 4 Charles Street Boston, MA 02116

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With its sheer beauty and magnificence, Arnold Arboretum is simply a marvel in Emerald Necklace. Imagine getting your photoshoot done among the quiet beauty of the city or on the Bussey Hill road that gives an amazing view of the arboretum. Couples are bound to get mesmerized by the collection of trees, shrubs and vines. Do check out this place as it is a location with a natural setting that will turn your dream wedding photoshoot into a reality.

Style: Public Arboretum

Address: Forest Hills Rd Boston, MA 02130

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If you are looking for a location that gives a beautiful view of Boston’s skyline, then Longfellow Bridge is exactly what you were looking for. With the Charles River flowing below, this bridge serves as a great spot for the newly married couples to have their photoshoot at sunrise or sunset, when the amazing colors can be captured through the lens of the camera.

Style: Bridge

Address: Boston, MA 02114

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