Sedona, AZ

Address: Sedona, AZ

Contact : Devil's Bridge

Address: Sedona, AZ

Contact : Bell Rock

Address: W Fork Trail, Sedona, AZ 86336

Contact : West Fork Oak Creek Trailhead

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Mesa, AZ

You are clad in your glamorous wears with your partner, hand in hand, looking at each other with a dreamy background of dazzling lakes and a unique pattern of trees! Well, you can capture this heartwarming moment in your wedding photoshoot album at the Saguaro Lakes area. You can have some great pictures on the Desert Belle riverboat that will add a tint to your glorious album. Its scenic beauty at the edge of lakes and the Sonoran Desert forest will make it all the more dreamy and dramatic.

Style: Lakes and Natural Sites

Address: 14011 N Bush Highway Mesa AZ 85215

Facebook: Saguaro Lake

Contact : Saguaro Lake

The gorgeous venue, located by the water with stunning sites, can add another level of mood, art, and uniqueness to your wedding album. You can find a wide range of unique locations that can more than fulfill your exploration for an aesthetic wedding photoshoot, be it traditional wedding album backdrops, as well as unique and contemporary sites. It has elegant views of the waterfront, gorgeous mountain scenic beauty with melting sun reflections, soothing greenery, sandy grounds, and an exquisite cascading waterfall, offering you a variety for your wedding pictures that suits different moods of your romantic album!

Style: Venues and Event Spaces

Address: 1600 E Lakeside Dr, Gilbert, AZ

Facebook: Val Vista Lakes Events

Contact : Val Vista Lakes Events

If you are looking for a spot to give a more distinctive and solitary shade, with lovely bushes and trees giving an artistic feel to your wedding photoshoot, this place is perfect for you. It homes many salt rivers, breathtaking natural scenes, and a distinct gradient in its views, giving a unique touch to your lovely photos. It has a unique combination of desert and aquatic scenery, which will provide various shades in your wedding album.

As a plus, one can find an outstanding range of birds, ranging from the great blue heron to beautiful mallards, which can give a more refreshing backdrop if you want to try something new.

Style: Natural Biome Spot

Contact : Granite Reef Recreation

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Tucson, AZ

This park covers 92 thousand acres of greenery with a diverse species collection. It preserves the Sonoran Desert region, the Rincon Mountain district, and more. Notable animals in this park are javelin, gray foxes, mule deer, ground squirrel, jackrabbits, white-tailed deer, coyotes, and more. The most magical element is the Saguaro cacti that would add a West World look to your pictures. Before you walk into the park, explore the outskirts of the park for some simplistic ambiance. For a country-side theme, try the Bajada loop drive. Some prefer to explore the King Canyon trail for some exclusive pictures. Choose a cloudless day for capturing the panoramic view of the land.

Style: National Park, Nature

Address: 15 miles to the west of Tucson, AZ

Facebook: Saguaro National Park

Contact : Saguaro National Park

Old Tucson is a famous theme park and a movie studio. So, you can easily find several west world cowboy-themed sites for a photoshoot. If the place is good enough for more than 400 movies, TV shows, and more, it is good enough for your wedding pictures. The area is quite big, and you can find both traditional and fun old west themed regions. You might have to rethink your traditional wedding attire. Choose a minimalistic earth-toned dress for this destination.

Style: Old West, Theme Park, Movie Set, Desert Landscape

Address: 201 Kinney Rd, Tucson, AZ 85735

Facebook: Old Tucson

Contact : Old Tucson

During the early times of Tucson, Congress Street was the prime commercial corridor. Today, it stands as a reminder of the glorious old times with theatres, cultural establishments, historic storefronts, and more. The name ‘Congress Street’ always reminds you of the Hotel Congress, an ideal site for nighttime photography. Beyond the neon lights, the hotel is a vibrant and lively destination. Besides the hotel, make sure to visit The Fox Tucson Theater for its southwest deco style and the eye-catching neon light for a nostalgic effect on your pictures.

Style: Hotel, Theater, Hip Neighborhood

Address: 311 Congress St, Tucson, AZ 85701

Facebook: Congress Street

Contact : Congress Street

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Phoenix, AZ

A stunning lake with miles of pristine shoreline and surrounded by the desert, this is a serene lake location that features nature trails, spectacular views, native wildlife, and romantic boat rides that are perfect for wedding photo opportunities. Saguaro is an incredible fresh blue lake that’s perfectly reflected in the gorgeous blue skies above. Saguaro has an incredible natural backdrop for every portrait, and it looks amazing in every season throughout the year.

Contact : Saguaro Lake

With over a thousand acres of natural landscape, this is a wonderful location for breathtaking views to perfectly highlight the love a couple shares. With impressive natural frames like the popular photo view of Hole in the Rock, there are also multiple walking trails, and peaceful lagoons to explore. For gorgeous wedding portraits, Papago is an incredible photography location during the bright sun-drenched days and the fiery sunset evenings.

Contact : Papago Park

Filled with a rich history, Victorian architecture, and vintage design, the square takes everyone back to the quaint villages of the 1800s. The peaceful atmosphere and surrounding greenspace are a wonderful backdrop for reflection and share a loving moment in a romantic stroll around the square. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance and heritage into every photo, couples will love to explore every corner of the square.

Facebook: Heritage Square

Contact : Heritage Square

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