Memphis, TN

Address: 8535 Winchester Rd. Memphis, TN 38125

Phone: 901-754-1888

Facebook: Windyke Country Club

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Contact : Natalie Smith

Address: 750 Cherry Rd, Memphis, TN 38117

Phone: 901-636-4125

Facebook: Memphis Botanic Garden

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Contact : Michael Strickland

Address: 4339 Park Ave, Memphis, TN 38117

Phone: 901-761-5250

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Contact : Dixon Gallery and Gardens Team

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Nashville, TN

Nestled amid lush greenery, Cedarwood Weddings provides a magical backdrop for couples seeking a rustic yet sophisticated celebration. This award-winning venue boasts over 50 acres of picturesque farmland, charming barns, and enchanting gardens. With multiple ceremony locations to choose from, couples can exchange vows under the canopy of ancient trees or in front of a serene lake. The natural beauty of Cedarwood Weddings sets the stage for an unforgettable experience, and their professional team ensures that every detail of your wedding gets seamlessly executed.

Address: 3831 Whites Creek Pike, Nashville, TN 37207

Phone: 615-876-9999

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Contact : Cedarwood Weddings Team

A blend of sleek elegance and vintage appeal, The Cordelle captures the real beauty of Nashville’s vibrant spirit. Located in the heart of the historic Rutledge Hill neighborhood, this contemporary event space offers a peaceful courtyard, perfect for intimate and romantic outdoor ceremonies. The venue’s urban-style design and exposed brick walls create a unique and stylish ambiance, ideal for couples looking to add a touch of modern flair to their special day. The Cordelle’s commitment to personalized service ensures that each wedding reflects the couple’s love story.

Address: 45 Lindsley Ave, Nashville, TN 37210

Phone: 615-354-8746

Facebook: The Cordelle

Instagram: The Cordelle

Contact : The Cordelle Team

A true hidden gem, Treemont Mansion exudes timeless beauty. Situated on 14 acres of manicured gardens and grounds, this historic venue offers an ambiance of exquisite richness, transporting guests to an ancient era. The stately mansion, built by the prominent Hermitage family, provides an elegant backdrop for indoor and outdoor ceremonies, while the surrounding gardens and fountain courtyard add a touch of romance to every celebration. Overall, with its rich history and elegant charm, Treemont Mansion is a perfect site to experience an unforgettable wedding steeped in luxury and tradition.

Address: 4125 Saundersville Rd, Old Hickory, TN 37138

Phone: 615-475-8338

Facebook: Treemont Mansion

Instagram: Treemont Mansion

Contact : Treemont Mansion Team

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